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Narayan by Mind Map: Narayan

1. Personality

1.1. Calm/Relaxed

1.1.1. Narayan demonstrates a very calm and relaxed demeanour throughout the movie, never outwardly appearing nervous or upset. This is particularly evident in his behaviour surrounding his mother's opinion on his marriage. He announces his wish to marry Kalyani in a very casual manner, maintaining that demeanour throughout their conversation. Despite his mother getting upset with him Narayan remains relaxed, laughing at his mother's reaction and trying to calm her down. And despite knowing his mother's beliefs, and that what he is doing is going against the social norms, Narayan never worries about her opinion on his marriage to Kalyani, instead trusting that she will come around to the idea.

1.2. Open to New Experiences

1.2.1. Though it is clear Narayan’s family had money and he may have had the opportunity to be exposed to new experiences, it is still worth noting that he is open to this. Leaving his community to go away to school, engaging in the movement behind Gandhi, and even engaging in conversation with Kalyani and Chuyia suggests he is open-minded and open to new experiences.

1.3. Agreeable

1.3.1. Narayan appears throughout the movie as a very agreeable person. He never appears upset or confrontational, even when his mom and friend voice their differing opinions and beliefs. He understands that he believes what he does and that they have their own beliefs and, rather than disagreeing or trying to sway them, or worse, telling them they are wrong, he simply suggests that they will one day understand. As a believer in a new movement that was destined to change the course of the society and that would provide modern insight to many of the country’s historic social customs, he did not speak in a righteous or superior way but rather, from the perspective of trying to share new ways of thinking.

1.4. Extroverted

1.4.1. Narayan has a very outgoing, confident and extroverted personality. When he first meets Chuyia and she seems lost, he offers to help and walks along to where she needs to be. He speaks to Kalyani, and later to Shakuntala, directly and with purpose, not hesitantly or shyly. Even his future occupation as a lawyer suggests that he is an extroverted person who will be able to tackle head on new situations and strange people. Similarly, his support of Gandhi and ability to speak to people about his new ideas suggests someone who is confident and extroverted.

1.5. Conscientious

1.5.1. As a student of law, Narayan would have had to be conscientious in his studies to have passed his exams. We also see this in his appreciation for Gandhi’s passive resistance, looking to make change peacefully and slowly, rather than through chaos or force. We also see his conscientious approach in the way he wants to do what is right and to see outdated and unfair customs change for the people where he lives.

2. Motivations

2.1. Intrinsically Motivated

2.1.1. Narayan is intrinsically motivated in the actions we see in the movie. Rather than accepting a marriage set up by his mother, he finds love and decides to marry. Rather than telling people what he is doing to change things, he quietly acts, not looking for outside praise or recognition but just doing what is right.

3. Behaviours

3.1. Caring

3.1.1. Takes Chuyia on the train with him, without asking any questions.

3.2. Considerate

3.2.1. Demonstrates he's considerate when he's talking to his friend about how hard it must be to be a widow, and how he thinks things should change for them.

3.3. Kind

3.3.1. Catches Kaalu and helps Chuyia find her way back to Kalyani.

3.4. Pleasant

3.4.1. He's always friendly and considerate to everyone, even when discussing different opinions.

3.5. Thoughtful

3.5.1. Reflective in his thoughts, considered both sides and formed opinions.

3.5.2. Considerate of Kalyani when they chopped off her hair to not mention it or react.

3.6. Polite

3.6.1. Even in the face of what his father did, he was polite, respectful, simply telling him that he used to have such respect for him.

3.7. Sincere

3.7.1. He was very honest with Kalyani about his intentions and beliefs.

3.7.2. Honest to his mom about his intentions to marry Kalyani.