Professional Growth and Leadership

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Professional Growth and Leadership by Mind Map: Professional Growth and Leadership

1. ISTE Coaching Standard 2

1.1. Technology coaches assist teachers in using technology effectively for assessing student learning, differentiating instruction, and providing rigorous, relevant, and engaging learning experiences for all students.

1.1.1. Coach teachers in and model design and implementation of... Address content and student technology standards Variety of instructional strategies Local and global interdisciplinary unites Real world problems Professional Roles Collaborate Creativity and higher order thinking skills Critical thinking Metacognition Self-regulation Differentiate in regards to... Content Process Product Learning Environment Research based best practices Assess student learning and tech. literacy Variety of assessments Aligned with standards Collect and analyze data

2. ISTE Teaching Standard 5

2.1. Teachers continuously improve their professional practice, modeling lifelong learning, and exhibit leadership in their school and professional community by promoting and demonstrating effective use of digital tools and resources

2.1.1. Learning communities Local Global Creative applications of tech. Improve student learning

2.1.2. Exhibit leadership Vision for tech. infusion Shared decision making Community building Develop leadership and tech. of others

2.1.3. Evaluate and reflect Current reserach Professional practice Effective use of tools? Support to student learning?

2.1.4. Contribute to learning community Effectiveness Vitality Self renewal

3. Module 5 Exploration

3.1. Triggering Event: How can teachers continuously improve their professional practice, model lifelong learning, and exhibit leadership in their school and professional community by promoting and demonstrating the effective use of digital tools and resources?

3.2. Triggering Question: What models for educator professional development exist (or are theoretically effective) to address the technology training and needs for a variety of users. Specifically, how can a district or tech. leader best differentiate tech. instruction for beginning through advanced users?

3.2.1. What is the PD in my district?

3.2.2. What is the tech PD in my district?

3.2.3. What works and doesn't work for PD in my district?

3.2.4. What is my role as a tech. mentor in my district?

3.2.5. What are best practices for PD across districts?

3.2.6. What works best for tech PD across districts?

4. Effective Professional Development

4.1. Stay positive!

4.2. Create an Online Community

4.2.1. Field Questiosn

4.2.2. Stay current

4.2.3. Contribute Frequently

4.3. Ask Questions

4.4. Focus on collaboration

4.5. Actively Participate

4.5.1. Stay up-to-date

4.6. Acknowledge contributions/cite sources

4.6.1. "web etiquette"

4.7. Have a personal and professional account

4.8. Include a "landing page"

4.8.1. Blog/webpage

4.9. Draw in new users

5. Resources

5.1. Why Technology PD needs an Urgent Overhaul

5.2. National Board ATLAS Trainings

5.3. SAMR Explained by Students

5.4. EdCamp Lake Stevens - August 25

6. Tools To Personalize Tech. PD

6.1. Twitter

6.1.1. Pose Questions

6.1.2. Ongoing Discussions

6.2. Offer digital badges

6.2.1. extrinsic motivation

6.3. Online Assessment Data

6.3.1. Can focus PD

6.3.2. Quick formative checks

6.4. Online Surveys

6.4.1. Target need for PD

6.4.2. Meets needs of staff

6.4.3. Quick and easy via. email

6.5. PD Channels

6.5.1. "learning channels" on demand

6.5.2. Differentiates based on need