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Rag Desh by Mind Map: Rag Desh

1. Anoushka Shankar

1.1. Instruments: Sitar, tabla and tambura

1.2. 1. Alap

1.2.1. Slow and unmetered

1.2.2. Sitar improvises the melody with some decoration

1.2.3. drone played by tambura

1.2.4. Strumming, plucking and bending notes on the sitar

1.3. 2. Gat 1

1.3.1. Sitar plays a fixed melody which is composed and more developed

1.3.2. medium tempo

1.3.3. Tabla plays 10 beat jhaptal tala

1.3.4. Sitar sometimes improvises in triplets

1.3.5. Tihai at the end of the improvisations

1.3.6. Fast scale passages (tans)

1.3.7. Decorated melody with flourishes and ornaments

1.4. 3. Gat 2

1.4.1. Faster than gat 1

1.4.2. Rhythmic strumming on drone strings of the sitar

2. Chiranji Lal Tanwar

2.1. Instruments: Voice, sarod (small sitar),sarangi (bowed strings), tambura, pakhawaj (large drum), cymbals, tabla

2.2. 1. Alap

2.2.1. Free-time

2.2.2. The singer improvises on the notes of the rag

2.2.3. The sarod + saranji play

2.2.4. Voice uses lots of vibrato,scoops up to notes and slides

2.3. 2. Bhajan

2.3.1. Same as a gat but with a singer

2.3.2. Fixed composition : mostly un-improvised

2.3.3. Tabla joins in and tempo increases gradually

2.3.4. Vocal part is more elaborate with lots of trills and slides

2.3.5. Hand cymbals used in the end

2.3.6. Short sarod, then sarangi solo

2.3.7. Tabla plays 8 beat Keherwa tala

2.3.8. Hindu devotional song

3. Steve Gorn and Benjy Wertheimer

3.1. Instruments: Bansuri (bamboo flute), esraj (bowed strings), tambura, tabla

3.2. 1. Alap

3.2.1. Slow and unmetered

3.2.2. Tambura plays the drone on the tonic and dominant notes

3.2.3. Bansuri's melody starts off with fragmented motifs then develops

3.2.4. The Bansuri and Esraj improvise using the rag

3.3. 2. Gat 1

3.3.1. Slow tempo

3.3.2. Lyrical unaccompanied bansuri melody

3.3.3. Tabla enters playing a 7 beat Rupak tala

3.3.4. Tabla and bansuri alternate between fixed composition and improvisation

3.3.5. Includes fast scale passages

3.4. 3. Gat 2

3.4.1. Fast tempo

3.4.2. Tabla plays 12 beat Ektal tala

3.4.3. Bansuri plays elaborately with a wide pitch range, scalic runs and slides

3.4.4. The drone continues shortly after the melody ends

4. Alap: Unmetred introduction with no set beats. The melody improvises and explores the notes of the rag.

5. Gat: The final section of the piece which is fixed composition. Faster than the alap.

6. Rag: Set melody on which the music is improvised.

7. Tala: Repeating rhythmic cycles played by the tabla.

8. Tan: An improvised phrase with rapid scalic flourishes on the sitar.

9. Bhajan: A type of Hindu devotional song which is a fixed composition

10. Sitar: A plucked string instrument with a long neck and movable frets

11. Tambura: An instrument with four strings that plays the drone accompaniment.

12. Sarangi + Esraj: Both are bowed string instruments, however the Sarangi is fretless

13. Bansuri: An indian flute with notes instead of keys.