Themes and Concepts

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Themes and Concepts by Mind Map: Themes and Concepts

1. Tenets Behind AHA!

1.1. Peer to Peer model, not adults over teens

1.1.1. 6 Facilitators per student

1.2. Relationship Skills

1.3. Conflict Resolution

1.4. Social and Emotional Learning

1.5. Self Management

1.6. Compassion

1.7. Diversity of Students

1.7.1. Student diversity encourages understanding of other viewpoints

1.7.2. Outcasts

1.7.3. Marginalized

1.7.4. Misunderstood

1.7.5. Wealthy young people whose lives feel superficial

1.7.6. Jennifer: Youth are very different than they were ten years ago because of the internet We see young people now who dont know how to make eye contact or communicate in full sentences. The Screen Between They are completely connected yet never more alone. Rendy: "They're in their own little world. What's important to us is to have connection, to look at one another . . ." Jennifer: "You have to wonder what it will do to whole generation when everyone is looking down." Jennifer: "Its very cut off from the body, the internet, and so, what we do at AHA is reinstate the primary organs of perception as all of our body and the young people love it."

2. Principles of Sing it Out!

2.1. Overcoming Certain problems

2.1.1. Anxiety

2.1.2. Fear No Longer your enemy Something that you can use in your life Fear is just fear, it doesn't mean I can't do it

2.1.3. Dealing with Self Doubt

2.2. Gaining Strength

2.2.1. Self Confidence

2.2.2. Vulnerability Rendy: "Each time we do something that makes us feel vulnerable, then I just feel more comfortable in the world. "

2.2.3. Rendy: Breaking through of the fear of that day

2.2.4. Rendy: "By the time they have done the whole program, they have overcome many different fears, many different times."

2.3. One Program of many that AHA! does

2.3.1. Works with 12 youth and 2 facilitators

2.3.2. Facilitators Participating in the group

2.3.3. Came out of Breakthrough for adults