English 102

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English 102 by Mind Map: English 102

1. Course Goals

1.1. Goal 1: Rhetorical Analysis

1.1.1. Analyze the purpose of the text

1.1.2. Identify the intended audience of the text

1.1.3. Understand the context, tone, voice and level of formality

1.2. Use primary or secondary research to inquire about certain texts

1.2.1. Goal 2: Critical Thinking and Composing

1.3. Make judgements about information and determine the credibility of sources

1.4. Support ideas in writing by citing multiple sources

1.5. Incorporate evidence through properly citing quotations, summaries and paraphrases

1.6. Reflect on past work and learn from mistakes

1.6.1. Goal 3: Reflection and Revision

1.7. Use peer review and professor feedback to improve work

1.8. Suggest revisions and ideas to peers

1.9. Use appropriate grammar, punctuation and spelling

1.9.1. Goal 4: Conventions

1.10. Identify the varying types of conventions in different genres

1.11. Understand copyright laws and properly cite in work

2. My Goals

2.1. Get an A in the course

2.2. Learn how to properly cite in-text citations

2.3. Stay on track and focused in the course

2.4. Learn from constructive criticism

2.5. Improve my writing skills

2.6. Be able to identify the context of different texts

2.7. Improve my research skills