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Ooops by Mind Map: Ooops

1. splashScreen

1.1. logo and salogan

2. LoginScreen

2.1. logo and salogan

2.2. passwordFiled

2.3. loginButton

2.4. these upper two fields match by dataBase

3. SignUpScreen

3.1. logo and salogan

3.2. User Your number ass id

3.3. Enter you Simple Name And Pass

3.4. these feild stor to data base

4. HomeScreen

4.1. fb

4.1.1. AddNewButton id: password saveButton Tosed massge for correct pass and id then save Name

4.1.2. list id: password loginButton Other Information little bit

4.2. twiiter

4.2.1. addNewButton id password SaveButton with COnformation

4.2.2. list id: password

4.3. instgram

4.4. gmail

4.5. yahoo

4.6. hotmail

4.7. skype

4.8. tumbler

4.9. OfficeSreen

4.9.1. Word file name passworf Date and time

4.9.2. excal fileName password Data and time

4.9.3. powerpoint

4.10. window'Screem

4.10.1. windowMainloginPassword addNewButton id password sabe with conformation pc and window name list id password time and other informaion pc and window name

4.10.2. zipe

4.10.3. database's

4.11. other password

4.11.1. Name of channal AddNewButton id password List id password

4.12. youtube

5. cloudStorageScreen

5.1. loginWithGmail

5.2. save all informaion and number in the form of data base or word on gmail drive

5.3. idfiled

5.4. password

5.5. Button of gmail

5.6. loginButton