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The Future of Media Work & Learning by Mind Map: The Future of Media Work &
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The Future of Media Work & Learning

Keynote speech from Helen Baxter of Mohawk Media at Engaging with the Future at the New Zealand Broadcasting School in Christchurch.

The Web is Us/ing Us

Published by Helen Baxter, Mohawk Media, NZ under a Creative Commons, Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike (BY-NC-SA) License. You can share, remix and republish this work for non commercial use, as long as you give attribution and publish using the same CC license.

Skills & Attributes

Hire for attitude, train for skills

Avoiding Future shock


Importance of Games

Need Shared Terms of Reference

Telescoping nature of evolutionary paradigm


Knowledge Trading

Social networks


Business Skills

Professional Practice

Freelancers & contracters, Invoices, accounts

Brand of One

Self publishing



Social Media Savvy, Strategy, Skills




5 - 10 years

Multiple Careers


Fab Labs and Desktop Printers


Future of Media Learning

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge." ~ Einstein.

Life-long Learning Needed for ALL - Students AND Educators

Innovation through collaboration

Connecting students, educators and business partners

Moving towards a "Literacy of Cooperation", Howard Rheingold

Two way knowledge flows

Publish v Practice

More hands on

Less theory

Income streams & syndication

Professional Practice skills

Publishing now Two-Way

1. creation & publishing of content

2. managing audience feedback

Manage the learning - not the students

Format changes structure

Shorter Formats 2-3 mins

No Padding for Ad Breaks

Webtop v Desktop Applications

E-Learning from the best

MIT Open Courseware

For free!

3D Virtual Worlds

e-Learning Academies - 2nd Life

Live Lectures with world experts

Avatars & Teleprescence - for interviews, conferences & work

Machinima made Cinema

Console communities - being Kinected


TED Talks, Technology, Entertainment & Design, Ideas Worth Spreading, Eva Vertes - Aged 19, Alzheimers Breakthough Aged 14, Princeton - Cancer Stem Cells Research, Sir Ken Robinson, Changing Education Paradigms

Teachertube, "I don't have ADHD - I'm just not listening, Pay Attention

Manage the learning - not the students

Future of Media Work

New Pathways to Publishing

Markets / Income


Budgets slashed

Need for multi-tasking teams

Specialists not longer enough

Remote / Distributed Teams

Cloud based PM tools essential

Team Work PM


Mobile Networks

Contracters & Freelancers

Not making TV, Video, Film

Digital Media Content

Three Screens, Quick Dip, Mobile, Phones / PDAs / Netbooks, Lean forward, Interactive, Media / Games Machine, Lean back, Watch, Home Theatre & TV Systems

Changing consumption

Plummeting Production Costs

All starts with sound, Decent mike + pop shield, Buy Wireless radio mikes, Jawbone noise cancelling microphones

Lower barriers to entry

Do what you can with what you've got, Skype audio interview: Greg Broadmore, Weta Workshop, + Animation = Dr Grordbort interview (2:30)

Creative Commons

Some Rights Reserved

Remixable Media

Reach new audiences

Build a fan base


Collborative reporting

Wikis v Blogs, Wikileaks

Crowdsourcing, Fact checking

Social Media Curation, Storify, Keepstream, Curatedby

Twitter conversations

Citizen media, images, video, audio from phones


business models lag behind tech

Embed sponsorship or product placement, More effective than pre-rolls or overlays

Create once - sell many times

Korea - grid delivery systems & P2P Distribution, Bandwidth increases the more download

Google TV, Entertainment hub, searches all channels, Apple TV


Pico projectors

Haptic feedback

Tactial interfaces

50% of the world now has a mobile phone - citizen media streams


Participatory Media, Online Identity

Cast your avatar in LOST Universe

Fan fiction, Buffyverse, Firefly Browncoats, Star wars

Racting - The Diamond Age

"People watch stories not pictures"


Known as Star Wars Tech

Demoed - Japan 2009

No 3D glasses

Can move head around

NHK Japan 2016

Japan driven by bid for 2022 World Cup - football

Not on walls, more like large book on floor


Real Time Translation, Babelfish earpieces

Flexible screens, Home wall - organic LEDs, Cheaper than wall paper?

Contact lenses, Digital lenses can already zoom in

OLEDs need no backlighting

3d Autostereoscopic displays

Challenges & Opportunities

The Cloud

The Internet is now Integral not External to Life

Learning how to learn, Adaptive thinking, Fluid Intelligence

What's all this 2.0?, Co-operation v Competition, Collaboration v Control, Clicks v Mortar, Webtop v Desktop, Blogs, Pods, Vlogs, Tagging, Prosumers, Generation Y

The Semantic Web, Tagging, Folksonomy, Taxonomy

Wikis, Collaborative writing, facts


RSS, Readers, Aggregators

Twitter,, #eqnz

Podcasting / Streaming, netRadio,,

Vlogging, IpTV, Adobe OnLocation

Social News Networks, Citizen Media, Reddit

Open Source Software, Free, Open, Customisable, Shareable, Edubuntu for Operating System, Drupal for Community Platform, Moodle for e-Learning Spaces, Open Office / Zopa for office tools

Crossposting, Tube Mogul, Pixelpipe, Posterous, Tumblr

Content & News


Wikification of the Media

Shared Bookmarks & Annotations

Community feedback

Helen Baxter

MD Mohawk Media

Tech Commentator, Virtual World, Radio NZ

Producer, the g33k show

Alt TV, 2008, Free to air, SKY & Stream, Half hour animated show, Produced by two people

Ustream.TV, 2009 - 2010, Kiwi FM

Re-launched2011, Real time animation, Podular approach, Multichannel


Venue Magazine, 1992

Internet Business, 1994

Internet Trainer, 1997, BBC Radio Commentary, Distance learning DVD, All you need to know about the Internet (Digital Cognition, 1998)

Internet Producer, 2000, ECommunities

Editor / Community Manager, 2001 - 2003,, Global Community, Teleworker, Knowledge & Innovation


The MsBehaviour Files at the Big Idea

Diigo - Web 2.0 Tools