Failure to Thrive Syndrome

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Failure to Thrive Syndrome by Mind Map: Failure to Thrive Syndrome

1. under the 5th percentile in ht and lbs

2. paleness

3. decreased muscle mass

4. wrinkled skin

4.1. child:Have you told your parents that this hurts?

4.2. Parent:How recently has his skin become wrinkled and did you seek out medical care?

5. sucked in eye sockets

5.1. child:Do you get good sleep every night?

5.2. parent:Have you taken him to a nutritionist?

6. listless

6.1. Child:Do you feel tired all the time?

6.2. Parent: What is his sleeping schedule?

7. lack of speech

7.1. Child: Do you play a lot with other kids your age?

7.2. Parent:Have you sought out a speech therapist?

8. begs or steals food

8.1. Child: Why have you been so hungry? Do you eat a lot at home?

8.2. Parent: What does he normally eat for meals at home?

9. self destructive

9.1. Child: Why do you feel sad or angry to the point where you hurt yourself?

9.2. Parent:Does he have a history of self injury?  Or, What do you believe causes him to hurt himself?

10. aggressive towards others

10.1. Child: Why do you take your anger out on others?

10.2. Parent:Does he have an aggressive personality?