MOSC Charity/CIC

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MOSC Charity/CIC by Mind Map: MOSC Charity/CIC

1. Member Organisations

1.1. Supply of Carousel Venues

1.2. Supply of Potential Apprentices

2. MOSC Commercial

2.1. Carousel Employment

2.1.1. Contracts

2.1.2. Insurance

2.1.3. PAYE/NI Liability

2.1.4. HR

2.2. Income from Carousel Venues

2.3. Canditate monitoring

2.4. Interface with educational establishments

2.4.1. Accreditation Centre

2.5. Financial Support to MOSC Charity/CIC

2.6. Training facilitation

3. Sharing Training opportunities

3.1. Capacity on training arranged by member organisations outside of apprenticeships

3.2. Capacity on training arranged by member organisations as part of apprenticeships

4. Regular Networking

4.1. Forum to discuss shared apprenticeship experiences

4.2. Forum to discuss other training developments/opportunities

4.3. Forum to invite Government driven initiatives to provide industry feedback

5. Regular Updates on Apprenticeships/On going intiatives

5.1. Report from Director of MOSC Commercial

5.2. Monthly Newsletter summarizing meeting's activities

6. Pursue Funding

6.1. Regular Funding

6.2. Project Specific Funding

7. Fees

7.1. Collection, accounting & reporting of memebership fees

7.2. Allocation of fee spending