Everything Starts with the Customer

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Everything Starts with the Customer by Mind Map: Everything Starts with the Customer

1. List of Document

1.1. Bill of Lading

1.2. Commercial Invoice

1.3. Shipping Packing list

1.4. Lacey Act Declaration Form

1.5. Container Number

1.6. Insurance

1.7. Telex Release

1.8. ISF form -          Importer Security Filing

1.9. CARB 2 Certification - California Air Resources Board, Phase 2

2. Mill begins Manufacturing Plywood

3. We are Always Available

3.1. 24 Hours a day

3.2. Phone, Email, or Fax

3.3. Social Media

4. Connects with New Traditions

4.1. Russell Develops Relationships with the Clients

4.2. Ivan Develops Relationships with . . .

4.2.1. . . . The Mills, . . .

4.2.2. . . . and Freight Companies . . .

4.2.3. to generate a favorable quote in the Customer's Best Interest.

5. Customer Submits a Purchase Order

5.1. Shanghai Office Gets to Work

5.1.1. Sibyl works with the Customer and Confirms the Purchase Order We keep our customers informed with... Inspection Reports during production. Container Reports during shipment. Customers know the status of the order until it is delivered

5.1.2. ...Makes arrangements for Export

5.1.3. Ricky sends a Contract to the Mill, and ... Our office is your Connection with all the participants in the process The Mill Export Agent Our Shipping Agent Container Shipping Company Client's Shipping Agent USA Forwarder New Traditions Team Maintains Supporting Documents List of Documents

6. Connects with our Competitors

7. Plywood Construction

7.1. Starts with Quality Core,...

7.2. ...and Quality Glue

7.3. Veneer Dryer

7.4. Automatic Core Splicer

7.5. Veneer Prep

7.6. Veneer Layup Line

7.7. Making the Platforms

7.8. Cold Press

7.9. Hot Press

7.10. Inspecting the Platforms

7.11. Repair and Improve the Platforms

7.12. More Improvements

7.13. Final Platform Inspection

7.14. Grading Face Veneer

7.15. Glue the Face and Back

7.16. Apply Face and Back

7.17. Back to the Hot Press

7.18. Cutting the Plywood to size

7.19. Inspecting the Plywood

7.20. Moisture Control

7.21. Measuring Thickness

7.22. Further Inspections

7.23. Finished Goods Warehouse

7.24. Loading in the Container

7.25. Delivery to Port

8. Customer Satisfaction is our goal

8.1. We Continue to Work with the Customer after delivery...

8.2. ...and stand by our Guarantee

9. When Better is possible, Good is not enough

10. Mill Begins Production

10.1. Plywood Construction

10.2. Arlo updates the Inspection Schedule, and...

10.3. ...Sibyl translates the Daily Inspection Reports

10.4. Ships the Product to Port

10.5. Product Sails