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AdvisorStream Splash Page by Mind Map: AdvisorStream Splash Page

1. Tagline

1.1. Who is it for? What can we do for you/how can we help/what problem we solve?

1.1.1. We help Independent Financial advisors generate new leads, grow assets and save money. Subheadline By providing them with awesome tools

2. Big Image

3. Testimonials

3.1. Case 1

3.1.1. Man Independent Financial Advisor Problem Solution Results

3.2. Case 2

3.2.1. Woman Financial Advisor Problem Solution Results

3.3. Case 3

3.3.1. Man Financial Advisor Problem Solution Results

3.4. Case 4

3.4.1. Firm Problem Had no time or anyone to find great articles to post on blog and website Solution AdvisorStream integrates directly on firm website and automatically posts engaging articles on your website. Results Firm saved $3k/month on content marketer and development fees

4. Features

4.1. Automate Custom branded newsletters

4.1.1. Advisor Stream sends you Screenshot

4.2. Social media posting

4.2.1. Description Screenshot Get screenshot from Bryan's LinkedIn

4.3. Custom opt in page

4.3.1. Description Screenshot Firm opt in page example

4.4. Branded articles

4.4.1. Description Screenshot Broker with contact info

4.5. Lead capture

4.5.1. Desctiption Screenshot

4.6. Compliant content

4.6.1. Finra Approved/SEC approved Screenshot Finra and SEC logos

5. Push

5.1. Book demo

5.1.1. Have picture of Jake

5.1.2. One of our experts will contact you within 48 hours. We do not sell your information. We will only send you relevant information for your demo.

5.1.3. All button language is the same

5.2. Give us 30 days. We'll get you new leads

6. Team Page

6.1. Kevin

6.1.1. Story

6.1.2. Picture

6.2. Bryan

6.2.1. Story

6.2.2. Picture

6.3. Jake

6.3.1. Story

6.3.2. Picture

6.4. Katrina

6.4.1. Story

6.4.2. Picture

6.5. Christine

6.5.1. Story

6.5.2. Picture

6.6. Martin

6.6.1. Story

6.6.2. Picture

6.7. Investors

6.7.1. Story

6.7.2. Logos

6.8. Partners and Publishers

6.8.1. New York Times Logo

6.8.2. Forbes Logo

6.8.3. Reuters Logo

6.8.4. Business Insider Logo

6.8.5. Envestnet Link out to summit

6.8.6. SEI Link out to summit