Open Educational Resources

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Open Educational Resources by Mind Map: Open Educational Resources

1. The What

1.1. Educational material that is produced or curated for open and free use for educational purposes.

1.2. Free to access, free to use however you want

1.3. Mostly Online, but some are printing the material

2. The Groups/Resources


2.2. MIT OpenCourseWare

2.3. OER Commons

2.4. CK-12

2.5. Rice University--OpenStaxCollege

2.6. Curriki

3. The Uses

3.1. Replace Textbooks

3.2. Add enrichment to current material

3.3. Allow free online access for students

4. The Questions

4.1. What platform will win out?

4.2. Will anyone finish the job?  Everyone likes to start a good idea.

4.3. How long will the content be relevant?  How long will it be compatible?

4.4. Does what you are looking for exist?

4.5. How long does it take to find what you are looking for?

5. Delivery Systems/Learning Management Systems

5.1. Google Classroom

5.2. Canvas

5.3. Blackboard

5.4. Schoology

5.5. Paper