Final Presentation

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Final Presentation by Mind Map: Final Presentation

1. Audience

1.1. Walt Disney Animation Studios

1.1.1. highly competitive

1.1.2. known for creating beautiful stories in an artistic manner

1.1.3. known for innovation

1.1.4. culturally sensitive

1.1.5. big on storytelling

1.1.6. needs to see creativity, dedication, and the ability to entertain

1.1.7. needs to see a stand out performance

1.1.8. want to see confidence with the ability to cooperate

1.2. Pixar

1.2.1. wants employees who understand fundamentals of art

1.2.2. wants employees who can create stories in a believable world

1.2.3. culturally conscious

1.2.4. big on humor

1.2.5. known for being innovative and creative

1.2.6. needs to see creativity, dedication, and the ability to entertain

1.2.7. needs to see a stand-out performance

1.2.8. want to see confidence but also the ability to cooperate

2. Purpose

2.1. To deliver a rockstar presentation that gets me my dream job

3. Work to Include

3.1. A piece that showcases knowledge of art fundamentals

3.2. An original creative piece

3.3. a piece that tells a story

3.4. A piece that shows mastery in software

3.5. a progressive piece that shows my growth

4. How am I unique

4.1. i think of things that are creative and may have never been done before

4.2. i believe that my work has to have a soul and a psychology to it/don't believe in mass production of soulless assignments

4.3. i believe in collaboration and the marrying of concepts and ideas, even ones that don't seem cohesive at first

4.4. i never stop looking for new angles to solve my problems

5. What skills have i mastered

5.1. fundamentals of art and design

5.2. artistic software such as  adobe etc.

5.3. storytelling through art

5.4. creating believable worlds

5.5. effectively pitching ideas

5.6. being versatile in working independently and with a team

6. True Message

6.1. I am THE employee that they have been looking for to contribute positively and effectively to their company

7. Star Moment

8. Breakdown

8.1. Beginning

8.1.1. begin with a bit of humor

8.1.2. relate on something (dreams, abilities, etc.)/"How many of you had a dream profession as a child? Are you living out that dream?"

8.2. Middle

8.2.1. present why i am different and what i have to offer

8.2.2. use visual storytelling aides to help flow

8.3. End

8.3.1. close on a high note that has clearly showcased me that solves their need for an amazing employee

8.3.2. make connection to beginning questions with star moment

9. Software

9.1. Moviemaker

9.1.1. more original to use

9.1.2. only used a couple of times (more experienced with final cut pro, but i don't own the software)

9.2. Powerpoint

9.2.1. it's not original but it can be effective

9.2.2. i have lots of experience using it and recording voice overs with it