Chall's Six Developmental Steps of Reading

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Chall's Six Developmental Steps of Reading by Mind Map: Chall's Six Developmental Steps of Reading

1. Pre-Reading

1.1. Interrupt

1.1.1. No one reads to the child

1.1.2. No one teaches the child their letters

1.2. Maintain

1.2.1. Parents simply read to the infant/toddler

1.3. Accelerate

1.3.1. Parents or others read to and point to objects and colors, naming them for the child

1.3.2. The child pretends to read familiar stories

2. Reading/Decoding

2.1. Interrupt

2.1.1. Cannot blend letters together to form whole words

2.2. Maintain

2.2.1. Associate letters with sounds

2.2.2. Focus on individual words

2.3. Accelerate

2.3.1. Phonemic awareness to decoding the word

2.3.2. Being read to at a more advanced level to further develop vocabulary and concepts

3. Reading for Learning

3.1. Interrupt

3.1.1. Have issues understanding the meaning of a text

3.2. Maintain

3.2.1. Can focus on meaning and messages

3.3. Accelerate

3.3.1. Comprehend meaning and messages

3.3.2. Can focus on fact-based information to learn new information

3.3.3. Increased reading practice

4. Fluency Skills

4.1. Interrupt

4.1.1. Little to no gain in recognition speed

4.2. Maintain

4.2.1. Recognize and decode words

4.2.2. Reread familiar books

4.3. Accelerate

4.3.1. Become more fluent at recognizing and decoding words

4.3.2. Increase in confidence of reading ability

4.3.3. Associate printed words with stories already known and understood

4.3.4. Become more proficient at recognizing unkown words

5. Multiple Viewpoints

5.1. Interrupt

5.1.1. Can olnly understand one viewpoint

5.1.2. Cannot compare and contrast

5.2. Maintain

5.2.1. Can understand multiple viewpoints or theries on a given topic

5.3. Accelerate

5.3.1. Free reading of more mature fiction and non-fiction

5.3.2. Completion of school assignments

5.3.3. Utilizing a wide array of resources

6. Construction and Reconstruction

6.1. Interrupt

6.1.1. May not understand that there are sources that shouldn't be used to build information and uses them

6.1.2. Has difficulty skimming, or determining when to pay attention to details

6.2. Maintain

6.2.1. Read for own needs and purposes

6.2.2. Can gloss, skim, or attend to detail

6.2.3. Know what to and what not to read for information

6.3. Accelerate

6.3.1. Intergrate own knowledge with that of others to create new knowledge

6.3.2. Understand when to gloss, skim, or attend to detail