Building a Nation

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Building a Nation by Mind Map: Building a Nation

1. Confederation Achieved

1.1. Conferences

1.1.1. -colonies were facing difficult times (1860s)

1.1.2. -held a series of meetings aka "the Conferences"

1.1.3. -reps from each colonies discussed details of Confederation

1.1.4. -began 1864 in Charlottetown, P.E.I. -Maritime colonies planned to discuss a Maritime union

1.1.5. -delegates to Quebec Conference (fall 1867) planned the birth of a new nation   -decided provincial governments should retain

1.2. Pro-Confederation

1.2.1. - tariffs and trade barriers abolished

1.2.2. - economic stability

1.2.3. - choochoo train

1.2.4. -better defence

1.2.5. -improved government (responsible government)

1.3. Fenian Raids

1.3.1. -Irish society, known as "Fenians"

1.3.2. -planned to strike Canada, in turn hurting Britain

1.3.3. -Irish immigrants angry at Britain for potato famine

1.3.4. -many had been soldiers in Northern States army

1.3.5. -captured Fort Erie -turned back when backup troops didn't arrive

1.4. Maritime Provinces

1.4.1. -Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, P.E.I., Newfoundland

1.4.2. -identified as mature, independent colonies

1.4.3. -had responsible government

1.4.4. -independent trading relationship with United States

1.4.5. -not benefited by railway

1.5. Anti-Confederation

1.5.1. -identity crisis

1.5.2. -unrest in colonies

1.5.3. -potential for economic depression -

1.5.4. -"sun would set on British empire" -weaken ties/power for Britain -more power for Canadians -more power for Americans?

2. Reign of Queen Victoria

2.1. -thousands of people living below the poverty line

2.2. -workers were not paid well

2.3. -immigrants to Canada came mostly from Ireland and Scotland

2.3.1. -many Irish immigrants were Catholics, and many Scots were Presbyterian

3. The Native People

3.1. -they were forced to adapt to the European way of life by the new settlers

3.2. -land claims caused tension between the Natives and Europeans

4. Victorian Attitudes and Values

4.1. -people in this era believed in modesty and seriousness

4.2. -they had an obsession with social status

4.3. -middle class Victorians were prudish

4.4. -their status was determined in part by the size of their house and the amount of stuff they had (a measure of their wealth

5. A New Age of Science and Medicine

5.1. -scientists in this period began to study germs more, and understand what they did and how to avoid the spread of the bad ones

5.2. -they discovered aspirin, antibiotics, antiseptics, x-rays, vitamins, and hormones

5.3. -science excited people, but it mostly frightened them

5.4. -Louis Pasteur discovered bacili in 1857

6. Leisure and Travel

6.1. -crude pastimes such as freak shows, and bloodsports were popular during this time

6.2. -parlour games were very popular in the Victorian era because they had no radio or TV to entertain themselves

6.2.1. Pulling Up the Stump

6.2.2. Pulling the Leg

6.2.3. Kissing His Thumb

6.3. -steamships and choo-choo trains became very popular not only as an efficient form of travel but for entertainment as well

6.4. -newspapers would generally have useful tips and self help articles in them

6.5. -newspapers were also more focused on sharing gossip and information about people living in the town because information was so difficult to access back then

7. Building A Nation

7.1. -politicians dreamed of turning Canada into a federation

7.2. -some also wanted a confederation

7.3. -confederation scared people because they believed it could throw Canada as well as Europe into a Depression

7.4. -people feared the idea of self government aka responsible government because it had never been done before