Differentiated Instruction & Assessments

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Differentiated Instruction & Assessments by Mind Map: Differentiated Instruction & Assessments

1. Group B -- 12 students who have some knowledge about the topic as shown in their score, but need to develop higher order thinking skills

1.1. Innovative Differentiation Strategy

1.1.1. Quiz after lesson

1.1.2. Brain storm

1.1.3. Tum & Talk

1.2. Assessments

1.2.1. Formative assessment

1.2.2. Organizer in group project

1.2.3. Peer review

2. Group C -- 5 students who appear to have limited knowledge about the topic

2.1. Innovative Differentiation Strategy

2.1.1. Visual aids and video class

2.1.2. One on one instruction (with TA)

2.1.3. Matching game

2.2. Assessments

2.2.1. Modified formative assessment

2.2.2. Contributor in group project

2.2.3. Peer review

3. Group A -- 5 students who answered most, including the most difficult, of the pre-assessment questions correctly

3.1. Innovative Differentiation Strategy

3.1.1. Project

3.1.2. Challenging question worksheet

3.1.3. Learning menu

3.2. Assessments

3.2.1. Authentic assessment

3.2.2. Leader position in group project

3.2.3. Peer review

4. Summative Assessments after unit for all levels

4.1. Jeopardy Game

4.2. Unit Exit Test

4.3. Group project