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Personal Brand by Mind Map: Personal Brand

1. Audience

1.1. Directors

1.1.1. Quentin Tarantino

1.1.2. Eli Roth

1.1.3. Martin Scorsese

1.1.4. Peter Jackson

1.1.5. Rob Zombie

1.2. Music editing companies

1.2.1. MICDI Production Inc.

1.3. Recording companies

1.3.1. Columbia

1.3.2. Sony

1.3.3. Equal Vision

1.3.4. 300 Entertainment

2. Message

2.1. Helping directors and editing agencies to achieve their musical ambitions by providing an emotional link between the film and the composer.

2.2. Making sure all the elements of the soundtrack work together in a way that the audience can understand the story better.

2.3. Providing important emotional information about the environment through sound.

3. Challenges

3.1. Not having enough experience in the industry.

3.1.1. Solution Talking to directors and editing agencies about what they are looking to do with their project and putting my own unique brand in it to try to make it better.

4. Knowledge of Industry After Graduation

4.1. Audio Arts in the entertainment and media industry

4.2. Mixing Techniques

4.3. Sequencing Technology

4.4. Recording Principles

4.5. Musical structure & analysis

4.6. Pop culture in media

4.7. Audio post production

5. Tools

5.1. Images

5.2. Powerpoint

5.3. Windows voice recorder