Audio Producer/ Ceo Of PFM Records

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Audio Producer/ Ceo Of PFM Records by Mind Map: Audio Producer/ Ceo Of PFM Records

1. A brand identity is most powerful when it evolves and its value proposition strengthens in alignment with the demands of its audience.

1.1. Sprite

1.2. Nike

1.3. Beats

2. Being an audio producer with my bachelor's has given me the opportunity to give my clientele what they want the most. A completed project.

3. A Lifestyle Platform that Inspires People and Communicate Hope

3.1. Brands influence one's state of mind. If your brand is not a lifestyle platform that inspires people and communicates hope your brand message will wane.

4. Aftermath Entertainments company founded by CEO/Entrepreneur Andre "Dr Dre" Young in 1996

4.1. Roc Nation an American entertainment company founded by rapper Jay Z in 2008. Roc Nation not only has the most popular artist in the industry today but athletes as well.

4.1.1. Young Money Entertainment

5. Knowledge

5.1. I'm aware that hip hop was first oriented south of the Bronx, New York 1000 sSegweek Ave. in 1971, and it outsells any type of genre today.

6. Message

7. Strategies For Branding

7.1. See Consumer Engagement that other's don't

7.1.1. Stop doing what everyone else is doing and be creative about how your brand engages with consumers Be Original PFM Records

7.2. Establish an identity that is easily Relatble

8. Audience

8.1. CEO/Investores

8.2. Friends, associates, People you meet on a daily basis.

8.2.1. Own Age Group

8.2.2. I'm being part of a bigger picture in the music Industry to Record/Produce and Collaborate with major artist and producers. PFM Records wants to Innovate the music industry where we can make a difference.

8.3. Clients

8.4. Musicians

8.4.1. Any kind of Genre Hip Hop, RnB, Reageton

8.5. Upcoming Artist

8.5.1. Artist that are locally known/ Underground artist same age group.

8.6. Other Producers

8.6.1. People with the same degree as me Audio/Engineers