Print Concepts    K-2 Autism Classroom By: Tamia Peterson

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Print Concepts    K-2 Autism Classroom By: Tamia Peterson by Mind Map: Print Concepts    K-2 Autism Classroom By: Tamia Peterson

1. Group 3

1.1. These 5 students were able to identify what a letter is however, they failed to answer any of the other 4 questions correctly. These students each have special accommodations such as frequent sensory breaks that must be incorporated in their instructional day.

1.2. Differentation Strategy: I will provided additional testing time for these students as well as a sensory break prior to taking their assessment. Starting in a field size of 1-2 we will beginning letter ID using only uppercase letters and flashcards. Data will be taken on the students letter ID for letters A-G with the following letters assessed when mastered with 90% accuracy.

1.3. Ongoing Assessment : Data will be assessed at BOY MOY and EOY in which letter ID, mechanics and picture to word matching will be assessed. Data will be collected using probe data sheets as well as discrete trial methods in order to monitor students progress or lack thereof.

2. Group 2

2.1. These 12 students identified beginning and ending letters as well as letter ID. However, they failed to get the punctuation and questions regards to following along with read alouds.

2.2. Differentiation Strategy: Students will be provided a visual template of 5-8 sentences in which they are to match the matching word to the sentence and the corresponding punctuation mark to increase grammar and mechanic awareness. Teacher modeling and prompting (least to most intrusive) will be provided.

2.3. Ongoing Assessment: Students will have to master different levels (Levels 1-5)  in order to progress to the next level students will have to maintain 90% accuracy or better. Data will be collected at each level to represent 5 successful consecutive trials.

3. Standards

3.1. CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RF.K.1 Demonstrate understanding of the organization and basic features of print.

3.2. CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RF.1.1 Demonstrate understanding of the organization and basic features of print.

4. Group 1

4.1. There are 5 students in this group, they get most of the answers correct in the assessment.

4.2. Differentiation Strategy : These students will move to the STARFALL application to practice identifying letters  in a larger field as well as listening to read alouds using the Leapfrog touch and read.

4.3. Ongoing Assessments Students will be assessed at the BOY to determine their understanding of sentence spacing as well as practice writing their own 1-3 word phrases. Baseline data will be collected in which they will identify spacing and punctuation.