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cyber-bullying by Mind Map: cyber-bullying

1. definition

1.1. is the use of technology to exercise even physiological abuse on other people, attacking them trough videos, photos, messages etc.

2. risk

2.1. emotional distress

2.1.1. violence acts possession of weapons in school

2.1.2. depression suicide

2.1.3. interference with school or job

3. how to ask for help

3.1. there are lines to help depress people

3.1.1. groups of help

3.2. talk to your parets, teachers or any adult

4. strategies to be safe

4.1. talkt to a adult and ask for help

4.1.1. do not publish you personal life in social pages do not talk to strangers in line do not send pictures of your self to people you dont know

5. physiological impact on victims

5.1. depression

5.1.1. distrust low autoestimas sad feelings