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1. Definition

1.1. Say bad things to a person, mock him, send funny pictures of him, etc, via technology.

2. Risks

2.1. overweight and skinny people.

2.2. new people in the school

2.3. people from other country

2.4. someone who is not popular

2.5. people with low economic resources

2.6. people with a discapacity

3. How to ask for help

3.1. ask a grown up to help you

3.2. dont be afraid of telling someone

3.3. tell someone you trust

3.4. save the evidence of the cyberbullying

3.5. try to talk in private with a grown up about this problem

4. Strategies to be safe

4.1. avoid technology

4.2. avoid those bullies

4.3. dont post personal information on your social media

4.4. never let anyone access to your passwords

4.5. think carefully before you post pictures or comments in your social media

4.6. block your usernames

4.7. avoid messaging with people that you dont know

5. Psychological impact on victims

5.1. stress

5.2. insecurities

5.3. trust issues

5.4. depression

5.5. self harm

5.6. eating issues

5.7. problems at school (bad grades, bad humor, etc)

5.8. weak or hopeless