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Salford Concert by Mind Map: Salford Concert
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Salford Concert



Online Social Networks, MySpace - Free, Facebook - Free, Bebo - Free,

Microsite, - Free, Commissioned - £3k

Media, Video, Pre-event from bands, live streaming, Post-event edits, interviews and messages, Audio, Pre-event teasers, Possible live link up with local radio, Post event edits, Photo, Commissioned coverage, User coverage - Flikr/social sites



Email & SMS - low cost up to £3k

Subscription from online presence


Radio, XFM - Salford Quays, Rock FM, Century, GMR

Print, MEN, Salford Advertiser, Metro, Time Out, college/Uni papers


Dressed Up Sandwich Boards

Guerilla, Street Art - huge chalk, Hijack public place, rent a crowd

Posters, Fly, paid for, On-site

Direct Mail

Target Audience

Manchester & Salford Catchment

10,000 Salford College Students

New Applicants to college

Affiliated Salford Uni list

Music Lovers

Core Demographic 16-30s

Brand Savvy - cutting edge taste

PR Hooks


Battle of the bands

Vip tickets - Limo, champagne VIP treatment - can use with Radio for give aways

Design the set list

Meet the band etc.

Celebrity Involvement

Ting Tings - Salford

Elbow/Guy Garvey - Oldham

Starsailor - Wigan

The Courteeners - Manc

The Fall - Manc

Madchester/Indie Scene

Tie into alternative sector

Manga Exhibition - Urbis til late Sept

John Squire - Art Exhibition in Oldham til Sept 5th

Back to School timing - 6th Sept.

Student involvement in production

18 years since launch of first degree for Pop in UK by SC

Cause related event

Student involvement


Music tech

Performing Arts


The Experience


Sound, Quality

Visuals, VJ, Art link ins/Decoration

Peripherals, Performances off stage, SMS/MMS donations/competitions, Live feed photos on stage, product mix for sale at time

Services, Security, Toilets, Cloakroom, Staff


uncovering news/acts/facts

process of getting a ticket


Finding out about event


Ability to get hold of event capital e.g. videos etc link up with others

Follow up contact via personal details collected

Feedback loop

Data capture

Feedback from attending - exit interviews, brand coverage, comments posted

Email tester for people interested in news for similar forthcoming events


Team sign off process

Briefing notes

spokespeople - Event and Charity

budget and timings

On-site presence and command structure during event

Ticket pricing