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WholeMindedNess by Mind Map: WholeMindedNess

1. beelddenken

1.1. beeldenken

2. Turn on Your Right Brain

2.1. Left Brain vs. Right Brain

2.2. tips to thinking with both sides

2.3. Right Brain vs. Left Brain

3. mind/heart, left/right brain

3.1. the heart-mind matrix

3.2. brain hemisphere utalisation

3.3. drawing on the right side

3.4. your heart has a mind

3.5. & zo

4. hersenhelften van michel huisman

5. About Pink's Whole New Mind

6. Understanding the Myth of Left

6.1. Right Left Right Wrong?

6.2. Left Brain – Right Brain Myth

6.3. Left Brain, Right Brain? Wrong !

7. Left-Brain/Right-Brain Test

7.1. quiz

8. Facts and Fantasies

9. The Truth About The Left Brain

9.1. You aren't 'left-brained'

9.2. Left Brain vs. Right:

9.3. Left brain, right brain

10. which side are you on

10.1. serious games & CV

11. dr jill bolte taylor

12. what does this mean for me

12.1. denkers en voelers

12.2. the brain made simple

13. de bovenkamer

14. tricks to activate both sides

14.1. it's a myth

15. the master and his emissary

16. ask the universe

16.1. free pdf books