Non Traditional Teaching

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Non Traditional Teaching by Mind Map: Non Traditional Teaching

1. Introduction

1.1. Teachers are an important part of society for civilization to grow. The most known types of teachers are brick and mortar teachers, or teachers that teach at schools in classrooms. <-(find better definition)

1.2. There are different types of teachers that many don't see or think about. These types of non traditional teachers are online teachers, itinerant teachers, and teachers that teach abroad.

1.3. (possible add a statistic or quote to the introduction as an attention catcher)

1.3.1. Try getting a quote from an actual teacher of the year or news article

2. Conclusion

2.1. There are many other different types of non traditional teaching. Online teaching, Itinerant teachers, and teachers that teach abroad are just a few examples and all types of teachers have different styles and manners in which is best for their pupils. <- just an example, needs to be rewritten.

2.2. Needs a quote or statistic.

2.2.1. Would like to find a quote about under paid teaching but it being worth every reward

2.3. Would like to add info on teachers salary in the last ten years.

3. Teaching Abroad

3.1. Discuss what Teachers that teach abroad do, why teachers teach abroad, facts

3.2. Pros and cons of teaching abroad

3.2.1. Scholarly articles and missionary sites may have more info on teaching abroad.

3.3. What are the most common locations and reason teachers go abroad

3.3.1. Look at national government site for statistics on most needed abroad teachers.

3.3.2. look at sites with poor countries, missionaries, other

4. Itinerant Teaching

4.1. Discuss what Itinerant teaching is, why itinerant teachers are needed, facts

4.2. Pros and cons of itinerant teaching

4.2.1. Look for scholarly articles on this.

4.3. Still need statistics on blind/deaf needs in public schools.

4.3.1. Can look at government sites, however research other originations for the blind/deaf

5. Online Teaching

5.1. Discuss what online teaching is, the duties, and facts.

5.2. Pros and Cons of Online teaching

5.2.1. Already have a scholarly article. It is possible to get a quote from a online school (ARVA, K12, connections academy)

5.3. Still need statistics on online public vs homeschooling or online public vs. brick and mortar schools.

5.3.1. Can look for statistics on government sites, educational teaching sites. Don't want too much info from the same types of sources

6. Credits! (put a note of statistics being based on Arkansas state due to author getting licensed in Arkansas.)