Chapter 1: A child learns to read.

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Chapter 1: A child learns to read. by Mind Map: Chapter 1: A child learns to read.

1. Non stage theory

1.1. Use context and letter-sound correspondance

1.2. Use grammar and semantics

1.3. Use strategies to select from information in the text

2. What is reading?

2.1. The mechanical skill of turning printed symbols into sounds of the language.

3. Reading Comprehension

3.1. Prior Knowledge and experiences

3.2. Maturity and proficiency in using language in differing social contexts

4. Theories of Reading Acquisition

4.1. Stage theory

4.1.1. Unskilled: use strategies such as guessing or trying to memorize every new word

4.1.2. Skilled: have internalized a wide range of helpful strategies

5. Stages in Acquiring Literacy

5.1. Selective cue stage

5.1.1. Use context, illustrations, or word components

5.2. Spelling-sound stage

5.2.1. Listen for known sounds and letters

5.3. Automatic stage

5.3.1. Scan every feature of word and compare to known patterns

6. Cueing Systems

6.1. Grapho-phonological system

6.1.1. How sounds correspond to letters

6.2. Syntatic system

6.2.1. How language is structured

6.3. Semantic system

6.3.1. What words mean

6.4. Pragmatic system

6.4.1. The social and culture functions of language