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CST Dec Meeting - Group 3 by Mind Map: CST Dec Meeting - Group 3
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CST Dec Meeting - Group 3

Tech issues

Bx kit

Meeting minimum spec



Network reliability

Are network SLAs in line with Petra SLAs?


National (Citizens Advice)

Point of contact - CMIT? ICT?

Regional/Local (Bx)

Point of contact BST

Need improved process for agreeing reporting requirements and processes

Including costs of development and/or support


Service Desk


Service Delivery



ICT development


Legal Services team

Adviceline Ops





Bx Direct

Web team

Social Policy

Post implementation handover

Access to implementation records

all records kept in RMS, By site or by member?, Codes need agreeing

Need a summary of info by member bx

Any outstanding issues

Any unusual reporting requirements

Best practice/Top tips etc

How to publicise?

Petra blog


online help updated v responsively


Staff leaving

Enquiries transferred

staff moving between bx

Need a 'Petra down' process

Bx mergers

Tech issues

Admin/reporting issues

Gathering/prioritising bx requests/suggestions

Should be integrated into CRM

Petra support for CitA users

Support teams

Need appropriate training

Do ICTAs need to be familiar with Petra?, mixed opinions on this

SDesk should be SPOC for *everything*

With clear understanding of routing for 2nd line support

Encourage bx to be self sufficient with help etc

Access to appropriate systems


Webex replacement

Feedback into online help

Feedback into future development

Need understanding of product roadmap

Changes to reporting

Limit access to report writing

Risk that bx won't understand figs and will use inappropriately

Focus on core 'out of the box' reports