health and sickness in u.s. history

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health and sickness in u.s. history by Mind Map: health and sickness  in u.s. history

1. basic chronological history of medicine

1.1. ancient

1.2. Galen/early pioneers

1.2.1. influences on early America

1.3. enlightenment

1.4. 19th century

1.5. Victorian

1.6. early 20th century

1.7. mid-century

1.8. late 20th century

1.9. contemporary

2. history of medical profession

2.1. early healers -> barber surgeons

2.2. European training

2.3. midwives v. doctors in early america - show A Midwife's Tale and discuss roles

2.4. development of AMA, professionalization - read Frankenstein and discuss responsibility for health, debating ambiguity of medical advancement

3. problemization of health/sickness as concepts

3.1. who defines sickness/health

3.2. historical contingency - what counts as "healthy" at diff moments

3.3. role of technology - sonogram and changing the healthy pregnancy

3.4. cultural definitions - Read The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down, discuss  diff understanding of epilepsy over time and approp. treatments, who gets to decide how to treat the child?

3.5. value definitions - spiritual health, pleasure, mental health - how to prioritize

4. (social) politics of disease

4.1. read and discuss the emperor of all maladies

4.2. race and medicine, immigration and medicine

4.3. read and discuss mental health history

4.3.1. gender/sex and illness

4.3.2. marketing ailments

4.3.3. defining what we cannot see