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AODA Compliance by Mind Map: AODA Compliance

1. Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse

1.1. (I think...or it's Ontarians with Disabilities, acc to google)

1.2. What is alcohol and drug abuse?

1.2.1. why do people abuse drugs?

1.2.2. who abuses drugs?

1.2.3. theory?

1.3. How do we (as rehab professionals, I am guessing?) address these abuses?

2. Rehab

2.1. what brings people to treatment

2.2. what are the ethics of managing AODA

2.3. what are best practices in treatment

2.4. what can rehab professionals reasonably expect to accomplish? What problems will they face?

2.5. what underlying problems might those with drug problems also have?

2.6. what types of treatment are possible

3. New Directions/New developments

3.1. what is on the horizon?

4. compliance

4.1. I don't really understand this, but I assume there is a policy component and that is what folks are compliant regarding

4.1.1. who needs an AODA policy?

4.1.2. What does such a policy typically contain?

4.1.3. How is such a policy typically enforced?

4.1.4. What are the benefits and limits of AODA policies (for businesses, schools, etc, I assume?)