Vocabulary of Assessment

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Vocabulary of Assessment by Mind Map: Vocabulary of Assessment

1. Types of Assessment

1.1. Placement

1.1.1. Aptitude tests, unit pretests, self-assessment

1.2. Formative

1.2.1. Teacher made exams, textbook exams, observational techniques.

1.3. Diagnostic

1.3.1. Tests designed to diagnose disabilities, teacher made tests, observation.

1.4. Summative

1.4.1. Teacher made exams, unit tests, skills tests, performance based tests

1.5. Specific Types

1.5.1. Typical Performance Ungraded checkup quiz, attitude and interest observations, opinions of peers.

1.5.2. Maximium Perfromance Achievement and aptitude tests

1.5.3. Fixed Choice Multiple choice or standardized testing

1.5.4. Complex Performance Lab tests, projects, essays, oral reporting.

2. Scoring

2.1. Criterion Referenced

2.1.1. Raw Scores

2.1.2. Percentage Scores

2.2. Norm Referenced

2.2.1. Developmental Scores

2.2.2. Ceiling Scores

3. Quality of Assessment

3.1. Reliablity

3.1.1. Estimating Reliability Test-retest Equivalent forms Test-retest with equivalent forms Split-half Kuder-Richardson and coefficient alpha Interrater

3.2. Validity

3.2.1. Estimating Validity Fairness Content Construct Assessment-Criterion Relationship Consequences