Features of PetParadise

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Features of PetParadise by Mind Map: Features of PetParadise

1. Login System

1.1. Sign Up

1.1.1. get the information for the new user such as Full name , Phone number so that they no need to fill the information every time

1.2. Sign In

1.2.1. Ask for User naeme

1.2.2. password

2. Check the availability of booking and grooming services

2.1. Time table

2.1.1. allow user to check the daily slots of the grooming services

2.2. Booking grooming services

2.2.1. allow user to book the grooming services when they are free

2.3. Calendar

2.3.1. showing the dates when grooming services are available

3. Accessory Look Through

3.1. Information of the product

3.1.1. Give a description on the product

3.2. Pictures

3.2.1. pictures of the accessories so the users will know the product looks like

3.3. price

3.3.1. the price will under the accessories so the user will the price of the item

4. Customer service support

4.1. Q&A

4.1.1. Generally Questions and the Answers

4.2. Contacts us

4.2.1. Fax

4.2.2. Email Address

4.2.3. Phone Number

4.2.4. Address

5. Search functions

5.1. Search bar

5.1.1. Let user search the keyword of the product and it will come out the relevant information of the item

6. Product categories

6.1. pets food

6.1.1. dog food

6.1.2. cat food

6.1.3. bird food

6.1.4. fish food

6.1.5. other

6.2. toys

6.2.1. the toys for pet

6.3. cloths

6.3.1. the cute cloths for pet

6.4. daily supplies

6.4.1. comb

6.4.2. other

7. Shopping cart

7.1. Add item

7.2. Drop item

7.3. Check out

7.3.1. Pop up "Thank you for reserving"

7.3.2. Confirm the booking

7.4. Payment option

7.4.1. Paypal

7.4.2. debit/Credit Card

8. system setting

8.1. Help

8.2. Background color changes

8.3. The size of font

8.4. Notification sound