Sweatshops (conflict in the news)

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Sweatshops (conflict in the news) by Mind Map: Sweatshops (conflict in the news)

1. who

1.1. workers

1.2. bosses

1.3. industries/companies

1.3.1. Nike

1.3.2. Adidias

1.3.3. H&M

2. what

2.1. sweatshops are work environments that possess three major characteristics

2.1.1. unsafe or unhealthy working conditions

2.1.2. low pay

2.1.3. long hours

2.2. may also have policies that severely restrict workers' freedoms, including limiting bathroom breaks and even conversations with fellow workers. At its worst, violence is used

3. when

3.1. as long as there have been big industries

3.2. 1892

4. where

4.1. developing countries

4.1.1. Bangladesh

4.1.2. India

4.1.3. China

4.1.4. Afghanistan

5. how

5.1. it got its name

5.1.1. a century ago, a sweater was not just an outer garment to keep out the cold. It could also be a person who sweated others by employing them at low wages in bleak conditions, in a place that was consequently called a sweatshop

5.2. we can stop it

5.2.1. there needs to be full public disclosure. companies must disclose the treatment and pay of workers and how and where products were made

5.2.2. violations that are discovered must be corrected in a way that protects workers and their jobs includes paying for education for child workers found in factories and paying parents a living wage

6. why

6.1. cheaper labour costs

6.2. more profit

7. sources

7.1. http://www.encyclopedia.com/topic/Sweatshops.aspx http://www.veganpeace.com/sweatshops/sweatshops_and_child_labor.htm