Midnight Detailing Splash Page

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Midnight Detailing Splash Page by Mind Map: Midnight Detailing Splash Page

1. Tagline

1.1. Who is it for? What can we do for you/how can we help/what problem we solve?

1.1.1. We professionally clean your car in your driveway. Perfectly performed or your money back. Subheadline Are we in your area?

2. Big Image

2.1. Clean car - nice car

3. Testimonials

3.1. Case 1

3.1.1. Man Family Problem Solution Results

3.2. Case 2

3.2.1. Woman Busy Professional Problem Solution Results

3.3. Case 3

3.3.1. Man Business Owner Problem Solution Results

3.4. Case 4

3.4.1. Rich old guy Problem I couldn't find a professional capable of working with my car collection Solution Midnight detailed a few of my cars and performed a paint correction Results The cars looked great and I was very happy with the quality and service. I have recommended them to many friends.

4. Features

4.1. Full Interior with shampoo

4.1.1. Advisor Stream sends you Screenshot Photo of shampooing carpets and interior detailing

4.2. Hand wash and Wax

4.2.1. Photo of hand washing and waxing in driveway

4.3. Paint Polishing and Correction

4.3.1. Photo of buffing and polishing in driveway

4.4. Fully insured

4.4.1. Photo of lock and safety

4.5. Screened employeed

4.5.1. Photo of trusted employees

4.6. Fully money back guarantee

5. Push

5.1. Get a free quote

5.1.1. One of our experts will contact you within 48 hours. We do not sell your information. We will only send you relevant information for your demo.

5.2. Give us 30 days. We'll get you new leads

6. Team Page

6.1. Nick

6.1.1. Story

6.1.2. Picture

6.2. Alex

6.2.1. Story

6.2.2. Picture

6.3. Raj

6.3.1. Story

6.3.2. Picture

6.4. Shane

6.4.1. Story

6.4.2. Picture

6.5. Matt

6.5.1. Story

6.5.2. Picture

6.6. Martin

6.6.1. Story

6.6.2. Picture

6.7. Areas and Partners

6.7.1. Midtown Toronto

6.7.2. Downtown Toronto

6.7.3. North York

6.7.4. Etobicoke

6.7.5. Oakville/burlington/Mississauga

6.7.6. Four Seasons

6.7.7. Pier 27 Buildings

6.7.8. Canadian Auto Show

7. Guartentee

7.1. Full money back guarantee on all services.