SnS Combos

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SnS Combos by Mind Map: SnS Combos

1. Start

1.1. X+A Charging Attack (M18)

1.1.1. 3s Super Armor if you don't dodge

1.2. X+A,X Upward Slice (M14)

1.2.1. Also R+X

2. Core

2.1. X Downward Slash (M14)

2.2. X,X Side Slash (M13)

2.3. X,X,X Shield Smack (M10+20)

2.3.1. Knocks around teammates

3. Finisher

3.1. Any->B+A Back Evade

3.1.1. Striker Style loses this X/A -> Back to Core

3.2. A Strong Side Slash (M21)

3.2.1. Aerial and Adept Styles lose this

3.3. A,A Upward Slash (M19)

3.3.1. Aerial and Adept Styles lose this

3.4. A,A,A Spinning Slash (M24)

3.4.1. X+A from Core

3.5. F+A Shield Charging Smack (M8,E15,S10)

3.5.1. just A in Aerial/Guild Style

3.6. F+A,A Shield Smack (M16,E25,S10)

3.6.1. just A,A in Aerial/Guild Style

4. Popular: X+A,XXAAA