Marcell: 12 years old, lives in Camden- a city filled with drugs and violence, no opportunity for...

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Marcell: 12 years old, lives in Camden- a city filled with drugs and violence, no opportunity for work due to budget cuts. by Mind Map: Marcell: 12 years old, lives in Camden- a city filled with drugs and violence, no opportunity for work due to budget cuts.

1. Outlook on the future

1.1. Can not plan past the day

1.1.1. Marcell is worried about the wellbeing of his grandmother. "Every night I kiss my grandmother good night and tell her I love her because I don't know if she'll be here tomorrow."- Marcell is worried because he is in his Grandmother's care and she is aging. Not knowing if she will be around much longer.

1.1.2. Marcell stated "Somethings aren't really attainable." Speaking about opportunity around him now. He says this is something that he has realized. The reading Poverty at a Glance talks about the individuals focus on making it through the day rather than focusing on a couple of days, a week or a month.-Adapted from Dr. Donna Beegle (

1.2. Hopeful for the future

1.2.1. Marcell says that the best thing about being a twelve year old citizen of the United States is "The world is waiting for me to change something, something good," The video on Children in Poverty discussed characteristics students might exhibit as perseverance, being grateful as well as optimism. -CBS 60 Minutes Poverty in Schools.

2. During school lunch

2.1. May not choose the healthier options because that is not the norm in their household

2.1.1. Example: "easier to eat junk food than healthy food because healthy food is expensive." -Marcell

2.2. Because junk food is more accessible, health issues are more likely in families who experience Poverty.

2.2.1. I have to take medicine- they have to watch me because I'm have pre diabetes- Marcell

2.3. Students may also be preoccupied with lunch schedule or in the classroom due to hunger. Students living in poverty may not know when their next meal will come.

2.3.1. Our reading on Types and characteristics of Poverty pointed out the physical indicators of poverty. in the video, Marcell did point out the variety of lunches they were provided at school that may not be an option for him at home.

3. Because of their financial situation, Marcell and his grandmother shopped at second hand stores. Clothing will be older than that of his peers.

3.1. Marcell wore clothes that were purchased from Goodwill, or the second hand stores.  He did not seem angry about this, just proud to have a new shirt.

3.2. In the reading, The Types and Characteristics of Poverty, it is discussed that one of the physical indicators of poverty is that clothing is worn.

3.3. This can effect his social importance or social interactions at school. Because it is not the newest clothing available, students may not accept him into their groups. -Teaching with Poverty in Mind by Eric Jensen

4. Concerned about Safety

4.1. The neighborhood that Marcell lived in is run by violence and drugs. He was concerned about playing outside or walking through the neighborhood alone due to the amount of shootings that had occurred.

4.1.1. The amount of violence he is experiencing around him can cause a lot of Stress which will effect his classroom performance. The chronic stress can prevent him from succeeding in the classroom. -teaching with Poverty in MInd by Eric Jensen

4.1.2. Individuals experiencing poverty, who also experience chronic stress have effects on their health.  The stress can disrupt the process of homeostasis which causes cells to stop growing and not do its job effectively. having that process stopped for so long will cause more health issues over time Teaching with poverty in mind by Eric Jensen

4.2. Wanted to get more active with friends but had hesitation because of the neighborhood he lived in.