Laughter Out of Place 2

Chapter 2-3

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Laughter Out of Place 2 by Mind Map: Laughter Out of Place 2

1. Class

1.1. Middle Class

1.1.1. dependent on others unable to do basic chores helplessness is positive status and prestige

1.1.2. ambiguous makes things happen (political & economic) not burdened with stigma of manual labor

1.1.3. ability to pay

1.1.4. their domestic workers "talk differently

1.2. Working class

1.2.1. cultural capital objectified

1.2.2. divided by what tasks one does class identity becomes fixed

1.3. low "Other"

1.3.1. what the others classes strive no to be

2. Race

2.1. connected to sexuality in Brazil

2.1.1. "Brazil is different"

2.1.2. Brazilian exceptionalism Carnivalization of desire the mulata

2.1.3. difficult to talk about ambiguous color blind erotic democracy specific to gender helps mask and normalize racism

2.2. Americans are more comfortable talking about it