How Singapore had forged strong relationship with other countries

Connections with foreign countries between 13th century and early 19th century

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How Singapore had forged strong relationship with other countries by Mind Map: How Singapore had forged strong relationship with other countries

1. Economical and cultural connection with India

1.1. Coins from Sri Lanka found near Singapore River suggests form of money exchange

2. 16th - early 19th century

2.1. Connection with Johor-Riau Sultanate

2.1.1. When Portuguese attacked and conquered Melaka , It's ruler fled to Riau Archipelago and his descendants established Johor-Riau Sultanate which include Melaka Sultanate and Singapore.

2.2. Connection with Portuguese and the Dutch

2.2.1. When Dutch and Portuguese fought over monopoly over the spice trade , there were frequent naval battle between the Portuguese and the Dutch in the waters near Singapore , led to them building a fortress in Singapore to provide better security for their merchant ships transporting the goods along the Straits of Melaka

3. 15th century

3.1. Political Connection with Melaka

3.1.1. Singapore was under the rule of Melaka in 15th century after Siamese gave up Singapore due to her declining trade

3.2. Political Connection with Siam

3.2.1. The commentaries of Great Affonso d'Albuquerque suggests political connections with Siam , during the 16th century where Temasek was under the control of Siam (vassal of Siam ). It was attacked by the Siamese which lead to the decline of Temasek.

4. 14th century

4.1. Trade connection with China

4.1.1. Wang Dayun's travel record suggest that Temasek had trades with China * "Trade with Quanzhou"

4.2. political connection with Java (Majapahit kingdom)

4.2.1. The Nagarakertagama suggests that Temasek was a vassal state of Majapahit Kingdom (1365)

4.3. Political connection with Siam

4.3.1. By 1370 , Temasek had become a vassal of Siam (Thailand)

4.4. Trade connection with China

4.4.1. Blue and White porcelain stem-cups were produced in China during the Yuan Dynasty (13th century) Which means they must have been brought to Temasek as a trading good when trading took place in Temasek port in the 14th century

5. 13th century

5.1. trade connection with Java and Bali

5.1.1. Artifacts such as gold armlets were found near Fort canning Park which shows evidence of trading activities

6. Other connections