UN Soldiers Abusing People They Are Supposed To Protect

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UN Soldiers Abusing People They Are Supposed To Protect by Mind Map: UN Soldiers Abusing People They Are Supposed To Protect

1. Who

1.1. The United Soldiers

2. What

2.1. preying on the very citizens it was sent there to protect

2.1.1. STORIES 4 girls reported that  they “were tied up and undressed inside a camp by a military commander from the Sangaris force (the French military intervention in CAR) and forced to have sex with a dog,” the group wrote. After the rape, each girl was reportedly given 5,000 Central African Francs ($9). One, 16 year old girl’s mother told police that the peacekeeper “raped her daughter in a hotel room at 4pm on Monday, March 28, 2016.” “When police questioned the accused in the presence of his UN military commander, the soldier confirmed that he ‘had sexual intercourse’ with the victim several times, and paid her between 2,000 and 3,000 Central African Francs [$3-5dollars].”

2.1.2. human trafficking to systematic rape of women and children

2.1.3. 150 accusations of sexual misconduct

3. Where

3.1. Central African Republic

4. When

4.1. 2010-2016,

4.2. first reported on March 30 by the advocacy group AIDS-Free World, from leaked correspondence with U.N. investigators.

5. Why

5.1. Know they will ot be caught or arrested due from protection of the UN

5.1.1. The UN does not want to damage its reputation Coountries giving the UN peackeeper soliders do not want to damage their reputation

6. How

6.1. How Can we stop this?

6.1.1. limiting the amount of contact off-duty peacekeepers have with the civilian population off-duty peacekeepers stay exclusively in their barracks, since troops that were not on active duty are alleged to have committed many of the abuses.

6.1.2. U.N. missions can request a waiver from the secretary-general for serious criminal cases, such as rape. If request is granted, the accused staff member would fall under the jurisdiction of the host government.

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