Crowdfunding Services

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Crowdfunding Services by Mind Map: Crowdfunding Services




4. IndieGoGo

5. What do they do?

5.1. Crowdfunding services allow entrepreneurs to raise money collectively toward a monetary target. Entrepreneurs can create a profile on a crowdfunding site listing their monetary goals, an explanation of how the funds will be used, and an end-date for the campaign. Once the information goes live on the site, investors can pledge money toward the entrepreneur's goal. These sites typically take a small percentage of the funds. (WSJ - Online)

6. RocketHub

7. Putting your money where your mouth is - The Economist

8. FundBreak

9. Funsnextdoor

10. COfundOS

11. Crowdfunder

12. Twitter channel

13. Crowdcube

14. Quirky

15. Growvc

16. Ulule

17. AppBacker

18. TinyAngel

19. Emphasis