EDU5MTM Mind Map

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1.1. MUSIC

1.1.1. National anthoms Explain how elements of music are combined to communicate ideas, concepts and feelings

1.1.2. Cultural song Opening/closing ceremonies

1.1.3. Songs known to be associated with the Olympics Rehearse and perform one of these songs

1.1.4. Create a chant for your county

1.1.5. Investigate instruments unique to a country of choice

1.2. DANCE

1.2.1. Videos on opening/closing ceremonies dances Create a dance sequence for one of these ceremonies

1.2.2. Cultural dances Characteristics from these dances and how they influence the students own dance making

1.2.3. Traditional dances


1.3.1. Flags of the world Designing flags

1.3.2. Design a countries uniforms Country colours

1.3.3. Create a collage with media items

1.3.4. Create the Olympic rings Artwork using the colours of the Olympic rings Create a new symbol of co-operation Religion Cultures Values & Beliefs

1.3.5. Design a mascot for a country Design a mascot for the next Olympics

1.3.6. Design a costume that incorporates part of Australia's history to display in the opening ceremony

1.3.7. Sports art Its purpose, importance, where it can be found, what we can learn from it etc. History of sports art beginning with cavemen (hunting) etc.

1.3.8. Design and create an Olympic gold medal

1.4. DRAMA

1.4.1. Medal ceremonies

1.4.2. Reenactments in slow motion of events Exploring dramatic actions

1.4.3. Play about an Olympians journey Scripts Performing in front of an audience Portraying a charater

1.4.4. Create an Olympic character


1.5.1. Timeline using media items

1.5.2. Photograph an Olympic event

1.5.3. Collect media items of the Olympics Over a 2 week period Focus on specific event/s

1.5.4. Media presentation Stories using image, text and sounds

1.5.5. Travel brochure for and Olympic destination Include climate, map, traditional dress, national flag, Olympic connections etc.


2.1. Geography

2.1.1. Map all the cities that have held an Olympics Create a map with a scale, legend etc. Map the path of the Olympic torch/flame on its  journey to Rio Distances, time Map labels

2.1.2. Research a country that participates in the olympic Provide information about its demographics, economic, social and cultural characteristics One country from each of Europe, North America, and Asia (all participating in the Olympics)

2.1.3. Explore the demographics of the countries participating in the olympics Investigate the geographical diversity of countries within Asia Map the major Asian countries participating in the Olympics

2.1.4. Map the locations of events in the Rio Olympics

2.1.5. Learn the names of the Countries and their capitol cities that participate in the Olympics The Countries and Capitals of the hosts of Olympic games

2.1.6. Each student can focus on a country and find and create a food dish from that country to share with the class

2.1.7. Investigate the national flora and fauna of a country

2.1.8. Identify and describe the interconnections with and between countries

2.2. History

2.2.1. Timeline of the Olympics Summer and Winter games

2.2.2. Research an previous Olympic games

2.2.3. Research the history of the events in the olympics Choose a sport to focus on

2.2.4. Background to the Olympics Summer and Winter Olympics

2.2.5. Epincian odes composed by poets for winning Olympic events Create an epincian ode

2.2.6. Learn about Olympic heroes past and present Write a profile of a sports person involved in an Olympic games

2.2.7. Values of the Olympic games Identify ideas, beliefs and values of the Olympics and people that have participated in the games in the past and present

2.2.8. Background to the Olympics Summer and Winter games Original events compared with events we have now Ancient Greeks The Olympic torch/carrying the Olympic flame

2.3. Civics & Citzenship

2.3.1. Mini olympics where students have to organise and run a serious of events administering rules Create an Olympic multi-event game

2.3.2. Guest speaker, someone who has participated in the Olympics Interview the Olympian

2.3.3. Excursion to visit The National Sports Museum

2.3.4. Political discourses surrounding the Olympics Breaks for war etc

2.3.5. Different ways governments are formed for participating countries in the Olympics Countries that are part of the Commonwealth, Independent etc. Different electoral processes

2.3.6. Identify who can compete for Australia in the Olympics What are the citizenship requirements Rights, responsibilities and shared values of Australian citizenship

2.3.7. Concept of global citzenship