Personal Testimonies Dying and Coming Back And What They Saw & Heard

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Personal Testimonies Dying and Coming Back And What They Saw & Heard by Mind Map: Personal Testimonies Dying and Coming Back And What They Saw & Heard

1. Jesse Duplantis

1.1. Entrance

1.1.1. Leaving group to go back to room, following prompting

1.1.2. Knelt down at 12:59 Lord, what? Enclosure in (Chariot with no horses) Cable Car - to see Blond Angel Hey, :) You have an appointment with the Lord God Jehovah, the great God Jehovah

1.2. Heaven

1.2.1. Vivid Sights Mountains Streams Trees with thousands of people under them and fruit and leaves of healing Flowers Went through my legs, walk by they turn around Fragrance & Beauty is beyond human reasoning Snow but not cold Gorgeous Jasper Wall Names of the Apostles Ampitheatres all over the place There is no darkness whatsoever, IT IS LIGHT no Shadows!!! 24 Empty Thrones near the Throne of God 24 Elders We are servants here, they are in the city, in the city, ministering, you are a servant, we serve you, everybody serves

1.2.2. Emotions No jealousy, no malice

1.2.3. Hierachy Heirarchy of people who didnt live for God Robe of Righteousness or Gown of Salvation Contraptions were bringing people Machines - some had robes of righteousness, got out and ran straight toward the city some had a gown - heading to the throne - everywhere you stood you could see the throne

1.2.4. Sound Glory to God, Hallelujah !!! Chain Reaction

1.2.5. Entities & People Abraham How you doing? I meet everyone here! I am the seed of Abraham! Golden Goblet with Stream of Living Water Wanted to stay a million years where he was at That's Him, that's Jesus - Glorious Light Physical Solid Body - Big Man, Thick Chested, Great Age yet Young Great Wisdom, given a cup of water Seeing father abraham, seed of Abraham Nice person Phenominal Clothes The Lord Jesus Children ran to HIm and sang praises to Him and He hugged them Clothes looked like Solid Diamonds Sparkling, Flowing... Beautiful 5'11'' - 6'1'' Hair was light brown When He looks at you the glory of God eminates from Him Fell down at His feet Go tell them I'm COMING! He's soon to come ladies and gentlemen Can look at millions of people yet your the only one He sees I heard that familiar voice, Jesse, you heard what I said? Jesus was in the power came out in human form, something we could touch, everyone bit the dust, came out of the Light - there's Jesus at the right hand of God Would walk in and out of Father, never seen love like that, the love of God enveloping Jesus Giving love back and forth Angel Eat this fruit so you can withstand the glory of God God the Father Whiiishhh massive amount of energy If He would barely move a universe would annihilate Angels flying smoke coming up Great God Jehovah! With wings Power like I've never experienced Angel went flying against the wall when pinky moved He was excited SHAABBAAAM The Heart of God is the Father breathing gifts to people wanting babies Babies... the Lord has got them, they are being taught the oracles of God David I've been assigned to take you around You dont understand we are servants here, we're here to serve you I've been instructed by the Lord to take you to your house Paul What are they saying about my gospel? There are some of the things that I went through that I wouldn't have had to if I had listened to the Lord, you have my record

1.2.6. Resident Flowers

1.2.7. Revelation The Hand of God is the Church The Face of God is Jesus The Voice of God is the Holy Spirit The Holy Spirit is on the Earth Miscarriage / Abortions Little Tiny Flying Souls near the Throne Little Spirits wanting to go into the world to be redeemed person If the babies are young and you die later but if you die alot later they will be adults but right after they will still be babies

1.2.8. My House Waterfountain in the front yard No weed in yard, manicure grass Golf Course looken The foyeure of the yard sets the mood for the house 10-12' ceilings, crown moldings Furniture like that on Earth Yes the Lord knew you'd like it so we'd put it in your home, we told you, He'd give you the desires of your heart

1.2.9. Wanted Wanted to talk more to Jesus Wanted to talk more with Abraham Wanted to spend time forever wherever he was

1.2.10. New Body We need it to comprehend what's going on in Heaven

2. FAQ

2.1. What are some vivid descriptions of Heaven?

2.1.1. the beach, over the golden bridge, along the winding road... a road that was wide and white... lined with unusually tall tree's on both sides... with beautiful leaves... the tree's changed colors, like a convulating rainbow.

2.1.2. all kinds of fish swimming in the river over a rocky bottom. a red, striped fish... the fish jumped out of my hands and swam to safety. Giggling hysterically... I grabbed another fish, this one a different color... it was a wonderful time of joy and fun, and the Lord began to laugh with me. He began to participate in the action with me by reaching down and grabbing a large fish colored like "a coat of many colors" He looked at the fish admiringly and then threw it back into the river, still laughing.

2.1.3. I looked over the hill and saw a white fence surrounding many white buildings. They glistened with the purest white - a whiteness more brilliant than freshly fallen snow... Jesus took me to this pure white street... it had pure beautiful white houses on both sides. The street was white and shiny like glass. Everything seemed so white there. The fense seemed to be much higher than the houses. We approached one of the houses... it had double doors with golden trim. .. the door outlined with colored glass... the door knob made of pure gold... all the windows were made of stained glass... the carpeting was colorful - a mixture of subdued heus. The jewles that adorned the walls sparkled and shone... as if I were stepping into a picture... I walked up the golden stairway that had an intricate desig etched into its surface... I walked into a bedroom where a bed stood that was grander and larger than any king-sized bed on earth... into the powder room... it was laden with gold and precious gems on every wall exceptone. That wall had a full length mirror to reflect the amazing beauty of the immediate environment.

2.1.4. All the rooms in this house were immense... every houe the Lord showed me had huge rooms that were beautiful beyond all expectations. He turned and said, All of My children will live in these houses I've prepared for them. They will be living here sooner than they think.

2.1.5. There were white houses on both sides of the street. The island in the middle of the road was adorned with fruit trees that had been evenly placed along a clear, blue stream that was indescribeably long... there were many beautiful rocks on both sides of the stream. And He showed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding from the throne of God and of the Lamb. In the middle of its street, and on either side of the river, was the tree of life, which bore twelve fruits, each tree yielding its fruit every month. And the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the natoins. Revelation 22:1-2

2.1.6. And He carried me away in the SPirit to a great and high mountain, and showed me the great city, the Holy Jerusalem, descending out of Heaven from God, having the glory of God. And her light was like a most precious stone, like a jasper stone, clear as crystal -Revelation 21:10-11

2.1.7. I could see the pure white sand stretching from the road all the way to the rock wall... the sand looked so white and clean.

2.2. What will we eat?

2.2.1. Purple fruit... beautiful red fruit... shaped like large teardrops.

2.2.2. A stream filled with many different kinds of fish... food for the Kingdom. We will be eating fruit and fish in Heaven, we should be eating more of them on Earth

2.2.3. I noticed many large cooking areas that had silver-colored ovens built into the rocks. Atop the ovens were cooking grilles with oval-shaped plates and silver forks. The Lord simplypushes a button on the side of one oven and a fire began. It was delicious. Truly, I'd never tasted such tender, luscious fish before. Everything here will taste so much better than any earthly food.

2.3. How to gain Heavenly Treasures

2.3.1. Whatever you have to give up, or lose, in your earthly life will be restored to you in Heaven

2.3.2. Whoever permits Me to control their life will be blessed. These are My obedient children.

2.4. What will we do in Heaven?

2.4.1. Laugh! Pleasures forevermore. Psalms 16:11 You give them drink from the river of Your pleasures. Psalm 36:8

2.4.2. Fly! He reached over, took my hand, and we began flying. It was a breathtaking experience, and a loud groan emerged from my real body.

2.4.3. Learn! God does not want us to stop learning I'll learn and do rap super skilled up there!

2.5. Can we explore the entire universe or are we just in one city?

2.5.1. We can explore the entire Universe

2.5.2. There will be other creative science fiction type entities

2.6. What is the City Like?

2.6.1. New Jerusalem There was no road to get into Jerusalem... we had to fly to get there... We all will fly there soon. I showed you the river and New Jerusalem. Those houses are in Jerusalem - the Holy City. We will all live in Jerusalem when I bring My children home. The New Jerusalem is coming from Heaven. It is ready now. The Lord wants His children to enjoy eternal glory with Him.

2.7. What rooms are in Heaven?

2.7.1. The Tear Scroll Room Psalm 56:8 (Amplified Bible) You number and record my wanderings; put my tears into Your bottle--are they not in Your book?

2.7.2. My Mansion? What will I own in Heaven?

2.8. How do I know I'm going there?

2.8.1. Click Here to go to the Salvation Mindmap

2.8.2. Click Here to go to How To Be Filled With The Holy

3. EarthQuake Kelly

3.1. Sights

3.1.1. Flowers Praising God Well Manicured Grass - with Emblems Colors Big Beautiful Golden Palace River - Liquid Diamonds

3.1.2. Groups of Children Playing Wanting to go play with them

3.1.3. Angels were singing beautiful choir

3.2. Revelation

3.2.1. You're wondering who those children are

3.2.2. 3 Groups of Children These children some were killed in wars around the world, some were murdered, some were left for dead, so on and so forth, they are with Me now I had a purpose for them, something in My heart to do, because of the sickness and hard-heartedness, aborted them, sent them back God said, they had a purpose, they were going to change a lot of things for the good on the planet, it hurt Him to His heart, it started trembling as if He started to cry, His voice changed, I had a purpose for them, I had something for them to do, because of sin and hardness... they didnt take me serious! He really hurts over the condition of these abortions I had an awesome job for them to do because of abortion and because of evil ... things of that nature... if one of those tears came out of His eyes like an olympic swimming pool Those are the groups I sent to so called Christian homes, secretly went and had an abortion, who didnt trust Me, didn't believe I would take care of them and the other mouth to feed.

3.2.3. He showed Him how it wouldn't let it happen you had a purpose, even those who attempted to get rid of me, God stepped in and He stopped the abortion

3.2.4. There is many people who are holding things against God because God didnt give them what they wanted when they wanted it, friend dying, job losing etc... He will deliver you when you take that unforgiveness against Him away Until they forgive Me I won't be able to forgive them to move them on to the things they have to do.

3.2.5. Many who are preaching for money and fame He has given them many chances to repent, He's sent them messengers, Words right from the Throne, many refuse to repent, He's going to withdraw His life and they will die in the pulpit. God is getting really angry at what is going on in the Christian world, like Annanias and Sapphira Going after the Lost Souls that's the key, America is going to start falling over dead, the preachers that is Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and all of His righteousness Im sending you back to bring My people back to Me through repentence Ministers who are seeking after everything except God

3.3. Physical

3.3.1. No pain, no headaches, so great Different mindset, no sorrowful, no missing, in God's hand, the love of God is showing you, I love them, they are in my hands Felt the best, felt the presence of God, feeling the love, everywhere you step its as if God is embracing you with your love Just enjoying it so much, wanted to stay there

3.4. Meeting His Deceased Son

3.4.1. Scott - How do I get over to the other side? Other Side of the River You cannot come in here now, you have to go back you have to finish the work that you have to do You're not finished you have to go back You promised me that you would finish that work, you have a great work to do, there are alot of people who still need to hear what you have to say

3.5. Disposition

3.5.1. I wanna stay here until God is done with what He's doing through me

3.5.2. I am not indestructable I have a timebomb inside of me No way to avoid it, the question is not when I die but where will I go No garauntee for the next breath There is no other Name under which sins can be cleansed other than Jesus

3.6. Exhortation

3.6.1. Tell God your sorry Believe that the Blood of Jesus has washed away your sins Tell God you want to know Him and experience this love that He has, you want to know Him as your shalom and Father Doesn't matter whether your muslim jewish or religious thats all culture, it matters if you know Him, YESHUA JESUS

4. Mickey Robinson

4.1. Skydiving

4.1.1. Revolved around the Freefall like an addiction

4.1.2. Crash Motor died, plummetted straight down 100mph, straight to the ground toward the oak tree Face stopped his fall Two students got pushed out of the doorway Plane went up in flames Soaked with fuel on fire from head to toe whole body in flames Tore the 2,000lb loose, pulled thumbs out of his sockets Rushed out to hospital Sustained very serious injuries, burns, brain injury, right eye was blind Told family was going to die

4.2. Post Crash / Spiritual Realm

4.2.1. wracked with pain, discomfort Real man, spirit, going through springs and spirit went out of body as if you would take a glove off your hand, instantly in the spiritual world, the real world, this man that i was seeing it was the real me Not aware of any pain, completely separated, transferred immediately into spiritual dimension. Everything about spiritual world is more real than this world. Emotions are sharper, colors are brighter, edges are sharper, emotions is enhanced. Complete absence of the awareness of time. Everything in this world is relative of time In this physical plane is relative to time. Spiritual is relative to eternity, aware of eternity. SHOCKING, conscious and aware of eternity Logic and reasoning doesn't happen there. You know that you know that you know, Having a REVELATION constantly! Heavenly thoughts is what they are :)

4.2.2. Blackness Sweeping Instantly aware of the eternal nature, without any matter, without any life, void and forever non-negotiable, cut off from the source of all life, a real place seeing and feeling, standing at the very edge of the precipice of eternal salvation, right before that was about to close I prayed and I was standing in the presence of God, I prayed Lord save me! the more intense the feeling of being cut off forever horrific you wouldn't want any human being to ever go in there it was so horrible

4.2.3. Presence of God Moving river, of golden light, went this way and that way going right through me The river was alive the love and all of God's majesty and authority was flowing through me, vibrating like a tuning fork This being is going to take care of me for eternity

4.2.4. God spoke The knowledge of His purpose Being reeled in like a kite, came to in the room, beam up star trek, speaking in the beautiful language, when the brain turned on what the heck is this other language, I was no longer the dead, I was born again and filled with the Holy Ghost It was a historical record of my life, all the years of my life, God gave me this faith to cry out to Him, God was with Him the whole time, don't wait until you're that desperate, He's with you, and you have a chance today to cry out to God, it's not complicated and its not religious.... it was about I needed life There is not one of us who doesnt need the whole life that God has to offer That's the deal, we're not good enough, and we need God

5. Howard Storm

5.1. Pre Escorting

5.1.1. stomach problem then brought to hospital and faded away

5.2. Forcefully Escorted

5.2.1. Tried to Fight Back They were feeding off of my emotion - terror Nothing I could to do stop them 12+ or 100+ Spent Emotionall Physically No one was of any use Coming up very casually and kicking me - to which I had no reaction Being kicked anymore didnt increase my pain it was so much Heard a voice from my chest say pray to God Started saying the Pledge of Allegiance; God bless America! Jesus please save me He appeared as a spot of light very rapidly, came over me Impossibly white light He reached down and picked me up and lifted me up to Him His light blew all the gore away Wounds turned to dust confection sugar and blown away I knew He knew everything about me, most importantly I knew that He loved me in a way I never even dreampth

5.2.2. Verbally Assaulting, Demeaning, Verbal Assault Profanity Mocking Laughter So cruel, so horrible, so obscene

5.3. Lovingly Brought to Heaven

5.3.1. We were moving very fast

5.3.2. I could see far far away, the focal point of light we were headed towards, everything moved either away or towards the focal point I knew that somewhere in that focal point was God

5.3.3. Howard's Reaction There's been a terrible mistake i'm garabge I dont belong here Knowing all my thoughts, the LORD said, "I don't make mistakes... you do belong here" He had friends He wanted me to meet

5.4. Angels Came

5.4.1. What They Had Come To Do Show me their record of my life (not my record) showed episodes Saw my entire life, their select record how I interacted with people, that's all they were interested in Compassion

5.4.2. Have I been compassionate or not compassionate towards others

5.4.3. some happiness in being kind

5.4.4. throughout it all I knew that they loved me, they invited me to ask any question

5.4.5. everything they answered was straight and clear through

5.4.6. Teaching Style Showing

5.4.7. I wanted to go meet God and they said no Back in the body filled with pain

5.5. Questions

5.5.1. Why Why Why does God allow This and That predicated on a false assumption God doesn't want any of these things to happen, it's all against His will, it's our perverse nature that allows these things to happen, if we were following Gods will then they wouldn't be happening ascribe to God all the good things are happening and take repsonsibility with the negative things that are happening live in harmony with one another and creation suffering is of human origin God is intervening in a very direct way God and the angels are about trying to promote a spiritual awakening

5.5.2. The Great Awakening bringing spiritual wisdom to the world

5.6. Exhortation

5.6.1. Sincerely seek God, for He is not hard to find. Meditation/Contemplation Heaven & Jesus Calling

5.6.2. Live to evangelise and spread the good news of Jesus Christ

5.6.3. When Jesus Came Into The World A great opportunity - the world to find a new way of living and ineracting with one another we all have failed & Christianity were heirs to the revelation of God. We should be in power, it should be mandated to be filled with the Holy Spirit in Kindegarden, School should be Church

5.6.4. Not losing the blessing We are the most powerful nation, it's a gift from God

6. Percy Collett

6.1. 12 Hours of Audio boiled down to 3 Hours of HEAVEN! Check out the VIDEO by clicking HERE


7. Bill Wiese

7.1. 23 Minutes in Hell

8. Colten Burpo

8.1. MSN

8.2. Jesus and John the Baptist

8.3. Shocking revelation