The Bob Rumball Centre

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The Bob Rumball Centre by Mind Map: The Bob Rumball Centre


2. The Bob Rumball Associations for the Deaf provides a variety of care and support to Deaf children and adults with multiple needs including individuals with a developmental disability, Deaf plus individuals, youth and adults with behavioral, emotional or psychiatric problems, young offenders, troubled youth and dually diagnosed individuals.

3. Mission Statement: It is the mission of the Bob Rumball Associations for the Deaf to build better futures for Deaf and Deafblind children and adults with special needs, to help them reach their full potential, to experience a higher quality of life and strive to be contributing members of society.

4. Vision Statement: The Bob Rumball Associations for the Deaf is a recognized leader in the delivery of programs and services for Deaf and Deafblind children and adults with special needs. Our team of highly qualified staff is passionately committed to supporting our clients and stakeholders in achieving exceptional results.

5. Values Statement: We believe that: Deaf persons with special needs are best served in an environment where they can understand those around them and be understood by their care givers Deaf persons with special needs are valued individuals Deaf persons with special needs have a right to develop their potential Deaf persons with special needs have the right to live a fulfilled and meaningful life Deaf persons with special needs have a place in Deaf society and culture Deaf persons with special needs should have the opportunity to be contributing members of society Deaf persons with special needs and their parents should not experience a feeling of hopelessness about the future

6. Strategic Directions: Our mission is fulfilled through: Fostering a nurturing Deaf community, while preserving and promoting their language and culture Strategically integrating our clients into the larger community Encouraging personal growth and enhancing our clients’ quality of life by developing their communication skills, and providing work and social opportunities Developing a skilled and caring staff through formal and informal training and support Developing effective funding strategies for both programs and clients with both government and community funding agencies

7. What services/programs for Ontario students and their families? The Milton Day Centre serves a large population that stretches across a wide area from Burlington to Guelph, and from Cambridge-Kitchener-Waterloo to Orangeville. This area currently lacks adequate facilities for the Deaf. The multi-use facility provides ideal space for the many programs offered; this includes the Day Program, an open concept Common Room, and a Wellness Room and as well it serves as the administration hub for the Bob Rumball Associations for the Deaf. In addition to the Day Centre, the Bob Rumball Associations for the Deaf operates a collection of group homes which provide a barrier-free, supportive setting for individuals of varying levels of independence and need.

8. Historical Background:              Starting with a single farm house on the outskirts of Milton, the Bob Rumball Associations for the Deaf has been supporting Deaf individuals with developmental disabilities in Halton Region for over 30 years. Our programs started as individual foster homes for Deaf youth. What made these early programs so special was that they were operated by Deaf families, a radical departure from the conventional wisdom of the day. As the need for services grew, so too did our organization and in 1985, the Bob Rumball Associations for the Deaf was created to oversee the operation of residential programs in the community.

9. The goal of our adult programs is for individuals to work towards as much independence as possible. We believe this is best accomplished in a Deaf, signing environment where both peers and support workers are either Deaf or fluent in sign language. Programs focus on teaching life skills, social interaction and independence skills in a supportive, caring environment. Residents receive job placement and employment counseling as well as enhanced life skills training to further their independence.Our services include programs for Deaf adults with a developmental disability, complex medical needs, mental health concerns and other challenges.

10. The Bob Rumball Associations for the Deaf in partnership with Reach Out Centre for Kids offers PAH! a Deaf children’s mental health service which is accessible to Deaf and hard of hearing individuals and their families. Who can receive services from PAH? Children and youth 0-18 years who are Deaf or hard of hearing, have mental health issues who live in Peel, Halton or Dufferin or attend E.C. Drury Provincial School for the Deaf. Anyone can make a referral to PAH!, including self, parent or guardian, social service or health agency, teacher, counsellor or physician. PAH! Provides individualized services which may include: Assessment Individual, Family & Group Treatment Wraparound Planning Parent Relief Training & Education Advocacy Links to informal & community supports

10.1. We provide respite beds in our residential programs in the region of Halton. The Parent Relief program provides Deaf individuals with special needs the opportunity to meet new friends and become involved in new activities in a signing environment while offering parents a break from the challenges of daily care. Parent Relief Application Parent Relief Dates 2016 March 14 - 18, 2016 May 6 - 8, 2016 August 12 - 14, 2016 October 7 - 8, 2016 December 9 - 11, 2016 For more information on parent relief, or other respite options, please contact Amit Sood at [email protected]