A.P. English

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A.P. English by Mind Map: A.P. English

1. Assignments

1.1. Tangram

1.1.1. 3-D object to represent our understanding of the movie

1.1.2. Assignment based on the movie "October Sky"

1.1.3. Essay to explain the 3-D object

1.2. Mythological gods assignment

1.2.1. 3-D object including trophe name, god name and letter

1.2.2. Power Point presentation

1.3. "Identities" assignment

1.3.1. Prodcue a 3-D object

1.3.2. Pick 20 sentences (Topic sentences and supporting details)

1.3.3. Produce an 20 word essay explaining the object

1.4. Mandala

1.4.1. Based on the movies "stand And Deliver" and "October Sky"

1.4.2. Produce a tangram with images

1.4.3. created a 40 sentence essay explaining tangram

1.5. Literary Analysis Essay

1.5.1. Produce a 2000 word essay in 1 hour 30 mins

1.5.2. Pushed students to the limit

1.5.3. Pick out the similarities and differences in a couple of extacts

2. Novels

2.1. City Of Joy

2.1.1. Main Charcters Stephen Kovalski Hasari Pal Max Lowe Mother Theresa

2.1.2. Theme Journey of Self Discovery Relationships Poverty and Riches Crime

2.1.3. Setting Calcutta Slums Villages Hospitals

2.2. Tuesdays With Morrie

2.2.1. Main Characters Morrie Shwartz Ted Koppel Charlotte Janine Charlie Peter Rob and Jon

2.2.2. Theme Love Acceptance Open communication Against superficiality

2.2.3. Setting Morrie's home University