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Communication by Mind Map: Communication

1. United States

1.1. Business Communication

1.2. Professional Communication

1.3. Technical Communication

2. Japan

2.1. Business Communication

2.2. Professional Communication

2.3. Technical Communication

3. Market Economy

4. Ideology

5. History

6. Culture

6.1. Japan

7. Japan

7.1. High Context Communication: The meaning of what you say is often determined by its context.

7.2. Foreigners are allowed to have a wider range of behavior in conversation. They are not expected to be well-versed in Japanese customs.

7.3. A subordinate does not seek out a promotion or higher salary, but it is understood that his boss will look out for his subordinate's interests and take care of this.

7.4. Japanese tend to favor Group Harmony over individuality.

7.4.1. External Group Relations: When a Japanese group interacts with another group, general its "friendship first, business second."

7.4.2. Internal Group Relations: Consensus within the group takes priority.

8. Japan

8.1. 5 Stages of Business Development

8.2. Business Ethics

8.2.1. Positive Trends

8.3. Positive Trends

8.4. Passive Trends