What can I make as a Lawyer?

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What can I make as a Lawyer? by Mind Map: What can I make as a Lawyer?

1. What can I make based on wanting to change parts of HOW law is done/practiced/experienced/etc.?

1.1. What do I see that needs to change?

1.1.1. Do I know ways to change this?

1.1.2. How can I share with others what needs to change?

1.1.3. Are there other people I could collaborate with or work with?

1.1.4. Is there a market for what I want to change?

1.2. Apps to change access to lawyers, legal answers, etc.

1.3. Tech platforms to make being a lawyer easier.

1.3.1. Write a book about a tech platform that you love sharing how to make it easier to learn.

1.4. Create online courses that reach and teach the people that you want to help you change the law.

2. What can I make based on loving my job but still wanting more out of life? -I don't want to stop being a lawyer. I want "more"

2.1. I want to help more people

2.1.1. Podcasts

2.1.2. Books

2.1.3. Videos

2.1.4. Online courses

2.2. I want to help new lawyers

2.2.1. "So you want to be a lawyer..." Guidebook for new lawyers

2.2.2. Top 10 things new lawyers should know within your area of expertise.

2.2.3. "How to" set up or begin your own firm.

2.2.4. Create opportunities to mentor new lawyers (within or not within your areas of expertise) (premium product)

2.2.5. What do I need? (Guide for new lawyers who are just starting out and feeling like they need to go buy a bunch of products

2.2.6. Create a brand that allows you to "franchise" out your brand to new lawyers so they can get well guided experience.

2.3. Clients

2.3.1. Quick resources that you spend time on to help clients get an idea of what's going on with their situation (videos)

2.3.2. Video series on areas of expertise

2.3.3. Social media groups related to your area of expertise (paid or unpaid)

2.3.4. Create new ways to generate interest from your "dream clients"

2.3.5. Create profile of who you really want to serve within your area of law expertise

2.3.6. Be real with clients

3. What can I make based on I simply can't be a lawyer or do what I'm doing anymore?  -I need out!

3.1. First, start by evaluating your options.  (Yes, you have LOTS of options!)

3.1.1. Start with an open mind and exploring some questions. Now would be an excellent time to read Easy As PB&J because there are large sections of the book focused on helping you discover what brings you joy in your life. Find your joy as a starting point Why did you get into law? Who do you love to serve? What did you love doing before the law?

3.1.2. Maybe you'd like to start your own firm. Online Set location

3.1.3. Create resources using YOUR zone of law genius Help other lawyers avoid the "burn" Create tips and strategies for lawyers Create awesome resources for clients in your areas of expertise.

4. Based on your experiences on becoming a lawyer ...

4.1. Was the LSAT easy for you? -What did you do? -How could you help others?

4.2. Do you have a great story/experience for getting into law school?

4.3. Were exams easy for you?

4.4. Do you have a story/experience for getting onto law review, moot court, mock trial, awards?

4.5. Do you have a story/experience for navigating the bar exam?

4.6. Do you have a story/experience for navigating your way into your ideal working experience?

5. What can I make based on what I LOVE about being a lawyer?

5.1. Helping people

5.2. Making a difference

5.3. Protecting people's interests

5.4. Solving problems

6. What can I make based on what I don't enjoy about being a lawyer?

6.1. Time

6.1.1. Away from family

6.1.2. At the office instead of at home

6.1.3. Missing my kids growing up

6.1.4. Losing connection with those I care about most (wife, husband, family, kids, etc)

6.1.5. No "me" time to do what brings joy into my life

6.2. Clients

6.3. Environment of the law

6.4. Stress

6.5. Adversarial colleagues

7. What can I make that is focused on my area of law?

7.1. Criminal

7.1.1. Why do I enjoy this type of law?

7.1.2. Who do I serve with this type of law?

7.1.3. What do I get out of working in this type of law?

7.1.4. When am I working on it?

7.1.5. How can I change how this type of law is done?

7.2. Family

7.3. Business

7.4. Sports

7.5. Employment

7.6. Labor

7.7. Tax

7.8. White collar crime

7.9. Appellate

7.10. What can I make?

7.10.1. What about a series of videos that explain what happens now that they have contacted you?

7.10.2. A video series that explains how this type of matter is handled. Sharing with them what to expect, how the pieces work, and simply helping to alleviate their concerns/fears and build the know, like, and trust factor with you.

7.10.3. You could also create a book (one of my personal favorites!) that can travel on Amazon and serve a variety of different business roles for you. Establishing credibility within the subject matter. Selling the book. Referring potential clients to the book or providing them with the book. Using the book as a business card (books are the new business cards!) Books can also be turned into Content for live streaming Content for videos Content for speaking engagements Content for smaller guides or workbooks

7.10.4. What about media to watch on Apple TV? For example, on the platform that we've built our content, New Kajabi, we now have the ability to distribute our content through Apple TV. -privacy of their own home, -on their own time, -relaxed environment, -tablets, phones, etc.