Do I need a finance manager?

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Do I need a finance manager? by Mind Map: Do I need a finance manager?

1. Maybe Yes

1.1. Flick something I don't know much about

1.2. Avoid something I don't enjoy

1.3. Find opportunities within the numbers

1.3.1. Cost savings

1.3.2. higher margin products / depts

1.4. Assist with budgeting and forecasting

1.4.1. Less blue sky more cold harsh reality

1.5. I can improve my financial literacy

1.6. Could save me $

1.6.1. Avoid late fees

1.6.2. pay less to external accountant

1.7. Creates deadlines for me and for others

1.7.1. More timely information

1.7.2. Discipline can spread to other depts

2. Maybe No

2.1. $

2.2. I'll have to fess up when things aren't going well

2.3. How do I manage someone whose skills I don't understand