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Plate Tectonics by Mind Map: Plate Tectonics
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Plate Tectonics

This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...

Layers of the earth


Outer Core

Inner Core


Plate Boundaries





Earthquake waves

Primary (P) Wave

Secondary (S) Wave

Surface Love (L) Wave

Plate Movement

Plate movement causes



Likely to occur at plate boundaries

Measuring Quakes



What is a fault

Types of faults

Convection currents

Continents move because of convection currents in the earths mantle.

Found in the asthenosphere

Upwelling causes plates to move apart

Sinking causes plates to pull together

Mid-Ocean Ridges

15 km above the ocean floor and 1500-2500 km wide

Sea-floor spreading

BC's Earthquake Hazard

Off the coast of Vancouver is a convergence of two tectonic plates, which involve the Juan De Fuca plate and the Pacific plate. These 2 plates are subducting and have become stuck. Once they become un stuck the result will be a massive earthquake.