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Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates @ Stanford by Mind Map: Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates @ Stanford
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Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates @ Stanford

"Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish"


Bill Gates Stanford Graduation Speech 2014

What is Bill Gates goal with his foundation?

Medical Cures

Can money solve the world's problems

There are some things that money cannot fix: Cancer & other diseases. Steve Jobs example

What was the visit to India about and what does it means about empathy?

Putting yourself in another's shoes...

Do you think the privileged are born lucky?

Shirking Responsibilites

The Digital Divide

When the rich have access to computing & the poor do not.

The Trip to South Africa: What People Really Need?

"People you can't help are the ones that inspire you the most."

Points to Consider

Do we owe the Macintosh to Calligraphy?

What was the reason for Steve Jobs dropping out?

Do you think you will have an acceptance of death when its time?

How can you "connect the dots" in your life?

What did his firing ignite in his life?

In your opinion is death a change agent?

Do you have intuition on what your life will be like - Explain?

Why should we love what we do?

Have these two icons practiced "Self Control"?