Collaboration Research Report

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Collaboration Research Report by Mind Map: Collaboration Research Report

1. Team Dynamics and Brainstorming

1.1. Research, Writing, and Team Resources

1.2. Characteristics of effective teams:a literature review

1.3. Describing Collaborative Forms: A Profile of the Team-writing Process

2. Manual Topics

2.1. Benefits of Teamwork

2.1.1. Why Teams Don't Work

2.1.2. What makes a good team player? Personality and team effectiveness

2.1.3. Characteristics of effective teams:a literature review

2.1.4. Team projects: Achieving their full potential.

2.2. Trouble Shooting Common Problems in Groups/Teams

2.2.1. Problems Associated with Group Work

2.2.2. Coping with the problems of Collaborative Writing, Writing Across the Cirriculum

2.2.3. From loose groups to effective teams

2.2.4. The knowledge, skill, and ability requirements for teamwork: Implications for human resource management

2.2.5. What Are the Challenges of Group Work and How Can I Address Them?-Teaching Excellence & Educational Innovation

2.3. Managing Conflict

2.3.1. The critical role of conflict resolution in teams: A close look at the links between conflict type, conflict management strategies, and team outcomes

2.3.2. Managing Emotions During Team Problem Solving: Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Resolution.

2.3.3. Characteristics of partnership success: Partnership attributes, communication behavior, and conflict resolution techniques

2.4. Project Management

2.4.1. Current practice in project management—An empirical study

2.4.2. A Predictive Model of Self-Managing Work Team Effectiveness

2.4.3. The Impacts of Charismatic Leadership Style on Team Cohesiveness and Overall Performance during ERP Implementation

2.4.4. How effective are project management methodologies? An explorative evaluation of their benefits in practice

2.5. Collaboration and Communication Methods

2.5.1. Coping with the problems of Collaborative Writing, Writing Across the Cirriculum

2.5.2. Singular texts/plural authors: Perspectives on collaborative writing

2.5.3. Creating hybrid distributed learning environments by implementing distributed collaborative writing in traditional educational settings

2.5.4. Training to Improve Virtual Team Communication

2.6. Encouraging Diversity and Diverse Thinking

2.6.1. Time, Teams, And Task Performance: Changing Effects Of Surface- And Deep-Level Diversity On Group Functioning.

2.6.2. Describing Collaborative Forms: A Profile of the Team-writing Process

2.7. Providing Accurate and Relevant Research


3. Software Aplications

3.1. Project Management

3.1.1. Trello

3.1.2. Yammer

3.1.3. Freedcamp

3.1.4. OrangeScrum

3.1.5. Casual

3.2. To-Do Lists

3.2.1. Todoist

3.2.2. Feature of PM apps

3.3. Shared Calendar

3.3.1. Feature of PM apps

3.4. Document Storage and Sharing

3.4.1. Googldocs

3.5. Web Meeting

3.5.1. Meeting Burner

3.5.2. Go To Meeting

3.5.3. High Five

3.5.4. On Stream

3.5.5. Fuze