Integrating IT in KS3 curriculum

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Integrating IT in KS3 curriculum by Mind Map: Integrating IT in KS3 curriculum

1. school intranet

1.1. facilitate dissemination of information and learning resources

1.2. enhance communication amongst students and teachers

1.3. supporting the formation of communities of practice among teachers and principals using the Internet.

1.4. facilitating the sharing of good practices in curriculum and pedagogical changes

2. e-book

2.1. flashcards for math facts or vocabulary words

3. self-learning

3.1. BYOD

3.1.1. Ipad

4. Project Learning (collaborative learning)

4.1. Google drive

4.2. Web 2.0

4.3. Online discussion

4.4. online survey

4.5. Use IT as a presentation tool

4.5.1. Using Slideshows

4.5.2. Digital Storytelling

4.6. cross-curricular activities

4.7. explore and collect information

4.7.1. Google search

4.7.2. wikipedia

4.7.3. Dogpile

4.7.4. E-library

5. E-learning

5.1. e-classes

5.1.1. breaking up the physical barriers of classroom learning

5.2. multi-media tools

5.2.1. Catering for students’ individual differences with different teaching strategies

5.3. Improving information literacy

5.4. Building learning networks among schools for professional sharing of experiences in e-learning implementation

5.5. classroom games and artwork productions

5.5.1. enable learning at individual paces