Reference Sources and Services Chapter 15

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Reference Sources and Services Chapter 15 by Mind Map: Reference Sources and Services Chapter 15

1. Reference Transactions Requirements

1.1. Provide further instruction

1.2. Foundational understanding of academic levels

1.3. Manage and assess reference services

1.4. Developmentally appropriate practices

1.5. Awareness of user's cultural, social, academic context

1.6. Ability to make use of assistive technologies for students with special needs

1.7. Evaluate appropriateness of resources

1.8. Strong customer service skills

1.9. Teach users information about online safety and monitor computer center for safe practices

2. Types of Reference Transactions

2.1. Ready reference questions

2.2. Homework help

2.3. Coursework research

2.4. Readers' advisory

3. Digital Reference Services

3.1. Upper elementary  search engine                   Yahoo! Kids

3.2. Primary subject directory                         KidsClick

3.3. All levels-Subject directory and ready reference Fact Monster

3.4. Government Resources

3.4.1.                Governmental subject directory

3.4.2. Online collections linked to LOC

3.4.3. TreasuryDirect Kids Excellent website focused on teaching students financial literacy

4. Evaluation of Reference Services

4.1. Should be carried out periodically to determine the currency and effectiveness of the reference collection

4.2. Use surveys and focus groups to determine what reference services should be included in the collection

5. Managing Reference Services

5.1. Establish policies and procedures to promote services

5.2. Promote the services and educate children about the value of the reference collection, digital and print

5.3. Sample reference service policies and procedures available on ALA website

6. Core Collection

6.1. Curate balanced collection of print and digital resources

6.2. Collection should be age appropriate

6.3. Ready references-Dicitonaries, encyclopedias, almanacs, atlases, thesauri, subject specific

6.4. Link school digital references to library webpage, as well as post websites and district passwords to in easy to access locations.

6.5. Promote reference tools among faculty and students alike.

6.6. Provide instruction on the usage of print and digital references to students